Classic dress

Good day to all!
And again, with a review of the dress, I really liked this dress, both quality and style. Only the price is now a bit high with my seller, but he periodically makes discounts, and you can buy it cheaper.
A dress came recently, my daughter bought for school, I wanted something more serious, 11th grade after all, otherwise all the bell skirts. The seller was selected by rating in the hope that the parcel would not stray for a long time, and the quality did not fail, it turned out that I sent it quickly, the dress was less than a month later from us.

The material is Chinese knitwear, I have already comeseveral dresses from similar fabric, and I can say that in this dress the material is one of the best that I have seen (or the best of the worst, as you like).
Sewing neat, the lines are even, but the threads at the edges of the lines are not cut.

The label is uninformative.

The castle is below the waist, but the daughter does not use it and so climbs.

Size S on parameters 86-62-94cm height 169 cm satalmost perfect, it was a little loose at the waist, but we sutured the undercut by a couple of centimeters. You could not do this, but I wanted it to be impeccable. Measurements of the dress are slightly different from the seller’s table. My measurements: bust-82 cm, waist-68 cm, hips-84 cm, length-90 cm. Although the length differs by 4 cm from the declared, she completely arranged her daughter.
Keep in mind that this dress is most likely designed for small breasts, the bodice is made so that the seam runs almost in the middle of the chest, it seems to me that it will look ugly on the big chest.

Photo on the daughter.
The first fitting.

Little photo shoot.

The dress looks strict and elegant, the daughter in itsomehow matured. For those who are tired of my dress reviews, I’m reporting the good news that this dress is the last one received, we are not going to order any new ones, therefore I will not do reviews of dresses in the near future. But by spring we want to order a dress for prom. Therefore, I have a request for readers, maybe someone already ordered evening dresses, advise a trusted store or reset the dress link, or even better with a photo, you can in PM, everything is interesting on this topic. Comments like “buy at the store” are not accepted, they were, they saw, everything was the same, the same China, only more expensive, it was expensive to sew, and it was troublesome. Thank you in advance!
Enjoy the shopping!