DIY sausage syringe for filling sausages with your own hands: how to make a delicacy at home

Hello. An overview of the entry-level syringe for making sausages. On the site, the capacity of the 2 kg syringe is indicated erroneously, in fact 2 pounds, and how much the syringe actually holds will be checked during the review
The syringe is delivered by the IML logistics company. The device is packed in a factory box with color printing, which IML why seals with its adhesive tape.

Complete with a syringe are three plastic tsevok of different diameters and a key.

The syringe itself is made of aluminum alloy, attached to the table with a suction cup.

The suction cup holds the syringe quite reliably if the surface of the table is smooth enough.

The sausage syringe device is exactly the same asin a conventional one, only unlike a conventional syringe, the stem has a thread, and at the end of the stem there is a handle like a meat grinder. Thanks to this, rotating the handle, you can effortlessly push a rather viscous stuffing mass through the pin.

There is a gap of about0.15 mm, since the piston does not have a cuff, its edges cling to the inner walls, and not just cling, but leave scratches. Therefore, I recommend immediately putting a folded plastic bag on the piston at least several times. This is what is always at hand. And ideally, find something from silicone of suitable diameter.

If necessary, the syringe can be completely disassembled, including removing the piston and suction cups, which are attached with split washers - stoppers.

Tarsus three diameters 13 mm, 15 mm and 19 mm. To work, they need to be inserted into the holder.

And screw the cap on one side of the syringe - withoutthe difference with what. On the other hand, the back cover is screwed in, the piston needs to be installed at the beginning. This is done in one motion - the cover spins quickly, by inertia passes through the entire stem.

The results of some measurements.
Assembled syringe length 440 mm
with fully extended stem 630 mm
Outer Bore 75 mm
inner 70.5 mm
Piston Diameter 70.2 mm
Cylinder length 204 mm
Syringe weight 865 g
We begin to make sausages. In this case, I applied:
Pork neck 2 kg
Raw fat 0.2 kg
Common salt 40 g
Pepper with nutmeg 1: 1 Teaspoon with top.
No garlic - with prolonged heat treatment, it still loses all its aromatic properties.
Other spices can be put at your own peril and risk. I personally do not risk it. I don’t want the sausage to smell as disgusting as a grilled chicken shop.
To get the meat, a grill and knife were used, as a photo. Frozen lard is cut into 0.5 cm cubes

Stuffing is mixed with lard, salt and spices until fibrin strands appear. And before stuffing stands for three hours.
Filling the syringe with minced meat is somewhat inconvenientcompared to a vertical syringe. Each time, the syringe must be removed from the suction cup and held in your hand stuffing the stuffing. In this model, this inconvenience is not very pronounced - the dimensions are small. The maximum syringe can accommodate no more than 800 g of minced meat. This is just one stroller sausage made from pork belly. My belly ran out so I stuff a dry Chinese shell, already sliced ​​30 cm each.

The effort exerted on the handle is small, less thanin a vertical syringe of 2.5 kg. Once again I repeat the piston you need to wrap at least polyethylene, otherwise the “mirror” of the cylinder will be scratched. I didn’t do it right away and that’s what happened.

After the syringe has been completely emptied, about 70 g of mincemeat remains in the foregrip and holder, which can be finished by hand or made a patty.
It takes 10 seconds to fill a 30 cm shell.
Prefabricated received.

Here is another pork bubble - a whole stuffing syringe got into it.

This review can be completed. But first, I will show the finished product. The sausage was baked for 1 hour at 150 degrees and 1 hour at 125. Lost in weight at least 30%. With such a long heat treatment, the fat becomes tender and tasty. There are such sausages need only chilled.

Well, the bun. Cut and immediately a breathtaking smell. Gingerbread man baked for 2 hours at 150 degrees ...

During operation of the syringe, one was detected.tangible minus - due to the lack of a cuff on the piston, the cylinder is scratched. Well, the drawback of the form factor itself is that it takes up a lot of space on the table compared to the dry Chinese shell. The capacity of the subject syringe is small, but for a small family and / or with infrequent use of this volume is enough.
Thanks for attention.