Black Gold Plated Rings

Good time of day! Speech under the cut will be about black gold, but not about oil. If you are curious - read below.
Recently, the jewelry market has appearedmany unusual new products. Famous designers began to work with gold in non-standard colors. In addition to yellow, pink and white, such variations of gold appeared as green, brown and even purple. These colors are obtained by mixingplain yellow gold with various other metals. But the latest squeak of jewelry fashion and the most modern jewelry-metal trend were black gold jewelry. This color of gold declared itself only at the beginning of the XXI century. Products made of black gold are very expensive due to the complexity of production technology, and the full production process is still kept secret. Having rummaged through the Internet, I found a general description of the process of making this gold. The bottom line is to add cobalt and chromium to the classic yellow metal, followed by surface oxidation at high temperatures up to 950 ° C, after which the product is covered with a layer of black rhodium and ruthenium, or amorphous carbon. The percentage of metals in such an alloy is approximately the following: gold 75%, cobalt 15%, chromium 10%. More recently, laser technology has also appeared about which, however, even less is known. But my rings do not consist entirely of black gold, because it is understandable judging by the price. Therefore, I had a question for the seller about the technology of coating rings with black gold and the composition of the main base alloy of the rings. Unfortunately, I did not hear anything intelligible from the seller. Literally, he told me that the factory is in another city and that he does not know anything about the ring production technology, and at the same time he supplied his answer with a vile emoticon showing me the language! This is where I would need a device to determine the composition of the alloy products. A description of such a device was here:
Now about the rings themselves. They look, of course, perfect for their price. Associations with the usual black steel ring does not cause because they look more expensive.

Amethyst Crystal Ring

The ring with pink crystals is lighter in design and is suitable for women of different ages.
Emerald Crystal Ring

The green crystal ring looks moreelegant with a very unusual design of the frame (for some reason it reminded me of the Eiffel Tower) with a more expensive stone in appearance. In my opinion, this ring would be an ideal accessory for an evening out and would not be suitable for very young ladies.

A carat sample (14ct) is on the insidethe surface of both rings. Both rings look very unusual and exclusive on their hands; the color will suit almost everyone. It will be interesting to look in combination with a properly selected evening wardrobe.
The only thing that bothers me in this lot isthis is the unknown. I can’t say how long these rings wear, because this is the first test purchase of such an unusual alloy of gold. Since the rings are intended for resale, I’m unlikely to find out about this. But if there is a reason, then I will definitely supplement this topic with a review. It is generally believed that this coating is extremely resistant to external influences and does not show signs of wear for a very long time. In addition, these rings are hypoallergenic and suitable for those with sensitive skin.
As for the delivery of complaints to the seller, I also do not have it. Everything arrived on time, packaged in high quality, the rings came in blue gift boxes.
I’m attaching a short video too. I apologize for the not very good quality of the picture because it was shot on the phone. Rings are slightly larger than the fingers of the model, keep this in mind.
Good luck everyone! And have a good shopping! )))