Constructor 3+

Hello dear readers!
Today for you I will tell (and show) a set fordesign of 400 (four hundred) elements a la "snowflake". Anyone in a hurry: I advise you to buy, but there are nuances. Anyone who craves for details - click on the photo with the mouse wheel.
I chose fun for my son (5.5 years) for spending long winter evenings. To my shame, I admit that taking into account the fuckingof the dollar, I began to be more attentive even to such seemingly insignificant purchases. In the end, we were all satisfied: I because I found, in my opinion, the cheapest lot, son - because I bought a new toy and a toad, which first strained, and then relaxed.
The designer was delivered as part of a prefabricated package, so he did not have a separate package and arrived in a factory-made plastic bag of the format? A5.

Colorful printing on a cardboard label happily informs us in black in Chinese about the number of pieces inside = 400.

And on the back, he twice warns about the danger of small children contacting with small parts.

Since we are talking about safety and sanitation, thenit would not be out of place to point out the lack of smell of Chinese plastic, but my son and I nevertheless rinsed all the elements in warm soapy water, for prevention, so to speak.

The constructor consists of disks having 8 (eight)radial slots to a depth? 1/3 of the diameter. Each disk has two concentric circles-thickenings for the rigidity of an individual element and the coupling between them.

Together, the parts hold fast enough, especially if you assemble the structure with internal jumpers, like a crystal.

Although, at the same time, you can also build something abstract / asymmetric: I did the foundation, and above - the flight of my son’s imagination.

And the spouse, as the only girl in the family, was drawn to flowers. Girls they are) ...

As you probably already noticed, the set contains elements of eight colors: red, lilac, black, white, blue, pink, green and yellow. And of course I didn’t count them. And don’t even ask.

Let's sum up:
+ price (at the time of payment it was a little less than a ruble per item)
+ the number of elements in the set - 400 is really a lot. You don’t have to disassemble the construction of a neighbor under the guise if you are not enough to realize your imagination
+ does not stink of plastic
+ eight different colors - this allows you to simulate real objects (flower, home, crane), although children, as a rule, have no problems with imagination ...
+ The constructor is quite common, as it turned out; on the Internet you can find thumbnail designs
+ \ - 3 or 4 elements came already broken - one or more petals were missing. I do not consider this a clear minus, since the defect rate is within 1.5% (as with eminent electronics manufacturers)
+ \ - continued: the elements are flimsy for a break, so I do not advise playing on the couch.
- There are no obvious ones, so I advise you to buy it.
p.s. all good!