Designer Lepin Millennium Falcon (clone Lego 75105)

Hello. Today, as promised, there will be a review of the designer Lepin Millennium Falcon. The original number is 75105 according to the Lego catalog. For those interested, I ask under / cut.
So, the goods were sent to me on February 6 and received 20. Sent with a track.

The weight of the parcel on arrival is about 2kg (something like 1800). (I will explain that I took the constructor for ~ $ 33, but now the link to the product does not open and I gave the link from the store of my seller, is there any difference from mine, I don’t know)

We have 28 in the package !!! packages with parts, instructions and tools forpicking out details (very useful, as it turned out). The instructions are much better than in my previous review (Darth Vader). The colors of the parts are read almost unambiguously.

I must say that the details are absolutely everything, there are about a dozen or two parts left. Of these, 10 pieces are spare parts for action figures.

The casting quality is very high. Compared with the original Lego (daughters have somewhere designers 4-5 from the Lego Friends / Disney Princess series) - the only difference is the LEGO inscription on the pimples))
The only "cant" of casting is a prefabricated rotating platform

(no photo because in a state of euphoria forgotto photograph). So here. The jamb is that the platform consists of two parts, and the hole in the bottom is slightly larger than the axis in the top. The wife found a solution)) She slightly unclenched the upper axis in width and after that the platform holds tight, does not interfere with the rotation. This is the only cant cast on all ~ 1400 parts. Almost all sellers of this model write about him in reviews.
As before, I provide you with a photo report on the pagination of the constructor:

As a result, we have a fairly large (~ 48 * 32 * 14 cm) constructor, which has many compartments that can be opened, moved, rotated, etc. Visually, it looks very much like a movie ship.

By the way, in my opinion the minifigures in the kit are not the same as in the original (I mean painting), but the quality is good. These figures, except Chuvi ^ _ ^, are not particularly important to me, so I don’t put them in the minuses.

Figures in the interior

Constructor for me, as a fan of STAR WARS,turned out to be just a balm for the soul). I, a 32 year old boy, was really happy. Plus the family assembly of the model (assembled by the whole family, I collected, and the wife and daughters picked up the details according to the instructions) is also important)
Briefly Pros / Cons:
+ Large size / many details
+ - Very good casting quality (in total we have only 3 parts with a “jamb” of ~ 1400)
+ Decent quality instructions / stickers / prints
- For people collecting minifigures minus their non-canonicity, i.e. Unlike the original Lego in painting.
Thank you all for reading. If you have questions, ask.
Oh yes, I forgot to say. In the photo of the remaining parts there is a red stick. This is the 3rd spare charge for o_O guns. In front of the Falcon are two firing guns. The shell flies far enough.
P.S. General Grievous and two Lego Disney Princess designers are coming. But the reviews will be somewhere in March-April after the DR subsidiaries)))