envelopes for money or “gift envelopes”

I'll start with a warning - this sellersends goods starting from $ 5, I safely passed this condition by inattention (although it’s written everywhere) and as a result I took the 2nd set of envelopes ... although I didn’t initially plan
The envelope size declared by the seller is 17.5 * 8.7cm. which is quite true. The material from which the envelopes are made is likely cardboard.
The main conclusion is that you can take it if you are sure that you need exactly this ...
Envelope and its application

You can’t just take and buy offlinea simple white envelope of the appropriate size - they either come complete with an unnecessary postcard, or you need to go somewhere else for them ... Therefore, as a rule, I take a few dozen to get to the place of sale of such envelopes to close this question for a year or two. And so, when the next stack of envelopes unexpectedly ended, I thought about purchasing this item online ... I didn’t find a simple white envelope from the Chinese, but in the process I came across this product and decided to take it “for trial”.
Packing and delivery

One order item consists of 8 envelopes withdifferent drawings. Both sets of envelopes came to me exactly the same. Perhaps there are only 8 types of envelopes, maybe there are others, but I came across 2 identical sets.

The reverse side of the envelope does not contain any patterns - only adhesive seams.

Envelopes fit the Bank of Russia ticket turnover

Outside, the surface is rough to the touch, inside the envelopes is smooth, but it seems to be covered with nothing.
A few words about pictures

Comparison with products purchased offline

When ordering envelopes, I was afraid of what would happen from thememanate some specific smell of Chinese manufactory - paint, plastic, chemistry, etc. But in practice, envelopes smell like ordinary cardboard, from which they are apparently made. The smell is not sharp, with my rather mediocre sense of smell, in order to feel it you need to bring the nose almost close to the envelope. The material is quite tough and holds its shape well, for its deformation it is necessary to apply a fairly significant effort. The lack of pronounced chemistry made me happy, but in relation to cardboard I could not come to a consensus. On the one hand, in the modern world, the use of natural materials is in itself a claim to some luxury. On the other, I suspect that a paper specialist would have noted that this is some kind of inexpensive kind of material and most likely a recycled product. However, it’s nice to hold these products in my hands, and everything else is my speculation.
Water procedures are contraindicated for envelopes -the material gets wet, easily deformed, the seam at the bottom of the envelope, under the influence of hot water, it is easy to peel off with little effort. The smell of cardboard is getting harsher. But the decoration does not suffer from water, even if you slightly rub the painted parts of the envelope and after drying, the envelope returns to its original state.
The main conclusion is a little less convenient inuse than the classic white envelope, but it performs its functions and is pretty well decorated. I am satisfied with the purchase as a whole, I will use it for the intended purpose, but I'm not sure that I am ready to completely refuse to use traditional envelopes for these purposes ...
As a pleasant bonus, the seller promisesdiscounts starting from the order amount of $ 25 (discount of $ 5) and then with order amounts of more than 50, 100, 150 $ I didn’t use this offer because I had the opposite goal - to buy a little and inexpensively ...
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