Mouse pad 0.36 sq.m (40 cm x 90 cm)

Under the cat is a small overview of a large mouse pad.
So the time has come for my first review, I will be glad to receive any feedback, and even more so to criticism (although whom I deceive, who is happy to criticize ???)
I have long wanted a large mouse pad, so I ordered my internal toad to be extorted, on sale 11.11. The price is now and the sale price is no different. The seller sent only 17.11. On December 9th, the package was already at my post office. (Yes, I was a little late with the review). But I can say that for a month of use I am completely satisfied with the purchase, the workmanship is at its best.
This seller has 11 colors to choose from, I chosedrawing with “Timo, nimble scout”, the character of the game League of legends. I’m not a fan of this game, to be honest, I didn’t know about its existence (forgive her fans forgive me) before I received the mat.
The size of the rug is 40x88, I did not reach the promised 40x90 a little. Although for me it is not critical.

The edges are stitched, which can not but rejoice, the base is corrugated rubber, it lies quite securely on the table and does not try to slip away somewhere.

The thickness of the mat itself: 2mm

Thickness at firmware locations: 3mm

Weight 576 g.

The surface quality is very good, the threads do not stick out, there are no tubercles, the mouse moves without any problems, the cursor does not jump.
Very close-up photo:

Well, you can estimate the dimensions of the rug on the table yourself:

Of the minuses: there was a smell of rubber, not strong, but noticeable, it disappeared in about a week.
Actually, what else to say, I do not know, apparently this is where my first review is finished!
P.S. I apologize for the quality of some photos.