Leather bag from China

Leather bag from China.
I have been using this Internet resource for a long time, but there is not a single review of my own. So I decided to share the experience of successfully buying a leather bag from China.
The bag arrived in Belarus in 42 days, which is a relatively quick time. I came in a black bag, inside the bag a bag of air. These attributes were not saved.
At the time of purchase, it cost $ 60.89 now the seller raised the price, but sometimes lowers it back.
On the seller’s page the following product characteristics are indicated:
Item Length: 30 cm
Item Width: 15.5 cm
Material: Calfskin

The naturalness test was carried out in the following ways:
1) Hold by hand, the bag became warm
2) In an attempt to bend, wrinkles appeared, but quickly disappeared
3) Fire
Checked bag passed. Already happy.
Product seams are closed up.
One more photo:

There is no lateral separation inside. There are pockets for the phone and a small amount of small things.

Zippers are of high quality, easy to walk.
Photo with a happy owner:
A photo

Let's sum up:
1) Genuine leather;
2) Nice design;
3) Owner likes :);
1) The main and main minus is the high price;
2) There could be cross division;