Leather men's purse coffee color

My old purse lost 5 years laterpresentable look. In places, he rubbed himself to the holes and wore himself out. Having looked at the catalogs of my favorite company, unfortunately I could not agree with the green, croaking, creature sitting inside. Therefore, it was decided to support financially our hardworking neighbors from the Middle Kingdom. Two evenings of searches finally broughtresults. I found what I wanted. Purse, made of genuine leather, with attractive appearance, at a reasonable price. Well, let's see if you can buy a quality wallet for $ 20. Under the cut a lot of photos and a detailed review.
Photo to attract attention

Description from the store page

Parcel getting on a dog sled flew 32 days. Given the Chinese New Year, I think not bad.
Photos of parcels and packaging


Depending on the number of banknotes, the clasp can be adjusted. A pretty good pack will come in.

Card sections and a transparent pocket where you can put a photo of a loved one.

More departments for cards. How many are there?

The compartment for coins is divided into two compartments. Large and small coins can be stored separately.

Departments are divided to the very bottom. Coins do not mix.

There are also two compartments for banknotes. Departments are very large and deep. The note in the size of 150х80 mm, fits freely. It can be clearly seen from the calculation, back in 1980, on a bill of 100 yuan, 165 × 77 mm.


Some more photos

Water test and naturalness test

Large photos to assess the quality of the seams

Photo with Petka

Advantages and disadvantages
- Genuine leather, soft and velvety, similar to nubuck
- Smell. You can consider me a fetishist, but the skin smell really corrects me
- Quality seams and stitching
- Tight lining
- Many departments for plastic cards (9 pieces)
- Compartment for little things
- Huge banknote compartments
- Tight buttons

- In some places glue is visible. He cleaned without a trace with a simple dry cloth.
- The material is easily soiled and prone to scratches. Although maybe someone will even like it. After prolonged wear, the wallet will get a shabby vintage look.
Conclusion and impression of your money, I think the walletworth it. The quality of the dressing and skin color is very good. Smooth stitches and glued seams. Compare with my three previous wallets company Petek1855. Workmanship is no worse. Large sections for bills. This is exactly what I missed in the old purse. There are small flaws, in the form of protruding glue in places. But, I repeat, all this without a trace is eliminated with an ordinary rag. On the products of the company Petek1855, similar disgraces are also found. In general, I got exactly what I expected.
I think that rare case when the photo of the goods on the seller’s page is true.