NewBring Leather Wallet

I welcome everyone, the review will be devoted to the men's leather wallet from New-Bring. To whom it is interesting I ask under kat.
Not so long ago, they offered to review the walletfrom genuine leather, I did not refuse and chose the option of light brown. But if you do not like this color, it is also available with a dark color, in general, for an amateur. From the whole variety of wallets, I took a special small, compact size, because I already had a wallet of this kind, but it was large and not very convenient.
Parcel was sent via Hong Kong post with fullWe track along the entire route. I did not take pictures of her, because the appearance and packaging were standard, this is the most ordinary Chinese yellow bag, inside which the goods lay without any protection. Of course, a wallet is not an electronic gadget that can crash or break along the way, but still it would not hurt the seller to protect the parcel somehow.
The wallet has a classic look, the first impression is that it lies well in your hands and is pleasant to the touch, there is no unpleasant smell. Inside it was a business card from a manufacturer of New-Bring.

Features: - Manufacturer: New-Bring
- Product type: Wallet with compartments
- Style: Fashion
- Main material: Genuine Leather
- Skin Type: Cow Leather
- Dimensions: Width-9.6cm, Length-12cm, Height-1.3cm
- Wallet Length: Short
- Lining Material: Polyester
- Clasp: none
- Gender: For men
- Pattern: Solid
Compared to the old one, the wallet from newbring is longer in height and a little shorter in width, it looks a little nicer, it lies better in the hands.

Physical dimensions are 9.5cm wide (closed) and 12cm high. Dimensions are almost like a passport of the Russian Federation, except that the wallet is a little smaller in height.

In the opened form, the width is 17 cm, and if you also open the inner compartment everything is 24 cm.

Now let's take a closer look at the externalAppearance The appearance is fully consistent with the photos on the product page, it can not but rejoice, otherwise there are often cases when we see one thing on the product page, we order, and something else comes.
During transportation, the wallet did not receive anyor damage, arrived safe and sound)). Made of two types of skin, a thin one covers the entire front part with some inserts made of a thicker one. The seam is neat, runs all over the edge, no protruding threads were found during a quick inspection. There are no functional compartments or pockets outside, nor are there any inscriptions that are sometimes found on wallets.

Additional photo

What is inside? Inside, everything is just as neatly done as outside, there are no complaints about the quality of both the skin itself and its sewing.

We will analyze which compartments are available to us:
- Six pockets for plastic cards, cardsenter tightly and not completely, it remains to peek a little less than a centimeter. Visually, the pockets on the left side are slightly different from the right ones, the left ones are stitched, the right ones are not.

- Closer to the center, you can see one pocket on each side that is slightly larger in size than the compartments for plastic cards. These pockets, it seems to me, are suitable for all sorts of pieces of paper and notes).

- There are also compartments for SD memory cards and SIM cards. True, they get out of there with great difficulty.

- But that’s not all, the left side leans back andwe see two more pockets. These pockets with frosted “windows” can be used to post photographs or a driver’s license.
- I almost forgot about the compartment for metal coins, it is here, but it can not be closed. There is no zipper or button on it, so it seems to me that the coins from the wallet will fall out.

Additional photos

Two paper money compartments are made of synthetic material resembling either nylon or raincoat fabric. The upper part of the pockets is stitched with leather.

Money "fit" easily and without problems, this applies to standard banknotes in the amount of 10, 50, 100, 500 rubles.

The capacity test was also done with the largest of the Russian paper money - 5 thousandth note. She went in and out whole, glad that the embarrassment did not happen, the paper was not jammed or torn anywhere.

Twenty paper notes and the wallet immediately grew fat. Due to the fact that he does not fasten, he was pushed a little.


Is it leather ?! One of the key issues when buying leather items online is their authenticity. - Is it really a thing made of genuine leather as they write about it in the description?
I think many asked this question when buying. The hero of the review - our wallet as the seller claims is made of genuine leather, Chinese cow leather). There are many popular methods for determining the authenticity of a leather product, some of which I checked on a New-Bring wallet. A water test and a fire test he passed. On the cut, genuine leather should not be stratified into separate components (leatherette is usually glued to some kind of textile), in my case, I looked at the cut for a long time and found nothing extraneous. I also checked for bending, there was no obvious deformation that is inherent in natural skin.
According to these indirect signs, it is possible to consider that the wallet has genuine leather, but we must not forget that every year fakes become more and more skillful.

Results. Pros: good workmanship, small size, genuine leather, functionality.
Cons: price, lack of clasp for coins.
That's all, thanks for watching!
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