Leather Women's Wallet

Continuing the theme of wallets. The wallet was purchased by accident. Bribed a discount of 56%. I always distrust such actions, and try to avoid side of dubious offers. But here, interest prevailed. In addition, the wallet looks attractive and interesting in the photo. I did not find similar products on the site.
According to the seller, on the product page,The main material is genuine leather. The seller turned out to be not entirely honest and the wallet suddenly turned out to be only half leather. More precisely, the leather was only outside, inside leatherette. I have to say right away that the wallet turned out to be of high quality and worth the money. I ask for a cut, consider it closer. A lot of photos.
Description from the store page

I picked up a purse for myself. Having spent several evenings, I finally found an interesting option for myself. When checking the store, on the main page, my attention was drawn to an attraction of unprecedented generosity, where many women's goods had discounts up to 60%.

Very often sellers on Ali are cunning. They put an inflated price tag on the product, and a 60-90% discount. I call it "Chinese marketing", cruel and merciless. But somehow this wallet hooked me. Maybe it's worth a try? Issue price, one and a half kilograms of meat. Yes, and it seems like a good store. Rating is good. Specialization - bags, wallets, business card holders. In general, I decided to take a test in the appendage to my purchase.
The seller sent the goods promptly. Delivery dragged on for 32 days.

Advantages and disadvantages

- Appearance. It looks very beautiful.
- Good quality. Stitches and stitches are made neatly. Perforation on stripes is excellent.
- The wallet itself is leather outside. Also leather decor elements, straps and patch with perforation. The skin is natural, soft and pleasant to the touch.
- Lightning rag with metal teeth. There was a similar lock on a bag from the times of the USSR. The bag fell apart from time to time, and the lock still worked.
- Many departments for plastic cards
- Two departments for other things (calendar, business cards)

- Inside leatherette.
- Strong smell. Smells either an internal leatherette or lining material.
Conclusion and Impression
Spouses wallet liked. It is large and roomy. Looks live perfectly. Neatly stitched. Fully consistent with the photos on the store page. The $ 15.84 paid for it is definitely worth it. I think it makes no sense to take more expensive. In general, another successful purchase.