Beautiful touch light switch, compatible with absolutely all types of lamps

Hello. You can get by with the usual push-button switch, but the 21st century is in the yard, at least in developed countries. So let's bring a piece of the future to our home.
With these thoughts, as well as pursuing another goal: to see the state of the three light switches, leaving home, I made an order.
Switches are located off the shoeabout 4 meters at the end of the corridor. In front of the usual push-buttons, it is completely invisible to turn it on or off, there have repeatedly been cases of leaving the house, forgetting to turn off the light.
Well, beauty and modernity is also very important.
I chose for a long time, I studied the pros and cons of such devices.
In my case, my installation site has one advantage: the presence of phase and zero.
Anyone who is familiar with the Sovdep reinforced-concrete "Czechs" has seen how the interchange of switches socket-toilet-bathroom-kitchen is arranged for them.
Something like that:

Zero is needed for the function of the outlet, this andThere is a big advantage in this case. It allows the circuit breaker to operate stably and without failures, not to be powered by lamps and not to depend on their type, not to make them blink and not to operate when it pleases.
If you have a similar box or you are doing repairs and can bring zero - this switch is for you.
In order.
Arrived in such a box.

Inside a pair of screws and the switch itself.
A film is glued to the front.
I took the color golden as the closest in color to my platbands at the installation site.
The seller has 3 design options and several colors of this switch.
Yes, and many other interesting options for switches:

Rear right to left: incoming zero, phase, lines 3.2.1

On all sides vents.

Partially disassembled.
The front panel is easy to remove, it is enough to pry a screwdriver in one place.

Next, unscrew the four screws around the perimeter and remove the front board from the connector.

But then plugged it, unscrewed these three screws, but could not get the board out of the depths, although it applied quite a strong force until it creaked.
I decided that she was put on glue, calmed down and gathered back. Sorry, I do not want to break the board.

Accurate measurements and weight of the switch:
Additional Information

The seller has colorfully and in the pictures all the chips of the switch are described:
* several types of design and colors
* excellent touch sensitivity
* tempered front glass
* smart chip
* button illumination
* and the most important feature: phase and zero, compatibility with all lamps

I measured the current consumption by the switch: from 24 μA when off, to 34 μA when everything is on, i.e. negligible.

While everything suits, it works stably, of course, the lamps do not blink and do not turn on themselves.
The backlight is blue when the light is off, and orange when it is on.
Its brightness is IMHO the most ideal - and do not "tear your eyes out", and do not "hit yourself with the wall."
Other switches that I saw have a very dim backlight, which can be seen from a maximum of one meter, for my purpose, these would not work.
It works perfectly, you can press it with wet hands or with dry skin - it works.
When triggered, a click is heard, different for on and off.
The only negative for me is that it’s more difficult to get in motion than it was with ordinary push-button switches, it takes half a second to aim.
Well, unfortunately, it’s not suitable for everyone, justit will not be possible to replace the old switch with a new one in a standard box - there is no zero and a square backside. But who has the box with zero or who does the repair - please.
And finally, a few photos and videos from a distance.