Beauty requires sacrifice and matte lipstick Focallure: reviews from inexperienced fashionistas

Hello girls, today I want to share my purchase with AliExpress, this is a liquid matte lipstick.
I ordered it in color # 8, the goods arrived very quickly, 13 days before Ukraine, the track was not tracked at all.
I was satisfied with the order, he came to me in the original packaging, but during transportation it was a bit stuck and started, nevertheless it did not affect the lipstick. On the packaging indicated the date of manufacture, which is very pleased.
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When I opened the lipstick itself, I already fell in love with her,its color is wonderful, the brush is soft, flat and easy to apply, the smell is pleasant, chocolate. When applying it on my lips, I liked it even more, because the consistency itself is soft and velvety, does not dry out very quickly, there is enough time to distribute it on the lips, when the lips dry, it dries a little, but not very much. I also liked the fact that it has a dispenser.
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Who cares, unboxing video
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In general, I am happy with the purchase and can advise you. Thanks a lot for your attention.