Sneakers for running. Almost “Adidas Boost.” 515 g steam.

Physical education hello!
Every one and a half thousand kilometers, andeven more often, manufacturers of sneakers recommend discarding worn shoes. They say that depreciation disappears and the top is stretched - you can’t run in these, you need to change it. It was the turn of my Asics Kinsei. As an experimental replacement, inexpensive running shoes of the little-known manufacturer Jinbeile from China were chosen, and here is what came of it.
The sneakers seem to remind you thatJinbeile developers have seen Adidas Boost, and are up to date with current trends. The model is made in a minimalist style and it is assumed that it will be run by rogues, lovers of natural running, who for some reason can not afford the original Boost. Sneakers outwardly, of course, look like them, but inside they are completely different technologies. I would describe them in a nutshell: lungs (2 × 257 g = 515 g) and simple. Sewn high quality and tidy. Overall make a good impression for $ 28.88 at the time of purchase.
Sneakers sent in a box with a logoJinbeile, inside there were foam inserts and a branded plastic bag with handles. The box was packed in a standard postal gray plastic bag, as usual.
But the seller was strange. After buying 10 US red sneakers, the seller wrote that the color ordered wasn’t in stock. In the correspondence we agreed that he would send the blue ones. And ... sent a gray 9.5 US. Tracking number changed 2 times. As a result, the package was sent only a month after payment.
Thanks for attention! Enjoy the shopping!
P.S. Size 9.5 from Jinbeile turned out to be normal US 10). Well, as for the color, I decided to spit, and the argument does not begin. Especially after a running test. On a 40-minute run on a road tile, slippers surprised me, and even pleased me. Absolutely no Asics Kinsei gel viscosity, they are lighter and more springy. They approached me.


P.P.S. I changed the laces to rubber, and ran over 200 km on the asphalt. Slippers perfectly preserved!

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