Sneakers for the summer of RAX 71-5C415

Photo review.
Very summer sneakers, almost a net.
Photos are clickable, as in 370.
And as always, traffic.
I already bought this company for the summer and described all the difficulties of choosing
I really liked that the sneakers perfectly fit the wide foot.
As I later learned from other reviews of this company, they are really great for a wide leg.
I ordered them together with winter ones. And of course 2 pairs ordered a smaller size than necessary.
But if I wear winter and everything is fine, then I can only wear sneakers without an insole.
And all because of the high rise.
Since I started writing a review a long time ago, some water stamps are scattered around the photo.
Shipping and Packaging

This time I messed up with the size and just "poked a finger at the sky." I ordered 42, instead of 43 ... But then you will find out new sizes.
I recommend the seller to personally write the size in centimeters that you need. As it was with the 366 model and everything was perfect.
In one of the topics, I noticed a serious discussion about the size.
The seller measures "in Chinese" and he has 44 size = 27cm, and I have 42 size = 27.3cm.
If there are orders from me or from acquaintances, I ask you to send insoles of all sizes, I think it will not decrease from him.
And if with winter 42 the size does not cause any special problems, then these really did not suit me - because of the high rise.
It feels like an ordinary person had a cast, and they pulled on a sneaker.
I'll start with the insole.
Here it is the same as in 366, and in 370 models. Thick, absorbs shock, smell, moisture.

It is 27.3 cm long and 9.4 cm wide at its widest point. Frankly and in advance - there are no problems with the width, everything is cool.
On the side, there is a marking 2016-1. 42.
The thickness under the heel is 7mm, the rest is 5mm.
The difference between 43 and 42 is small. A little shorter and a little narrower.

Here is a close-up photo.

This is the edge.

There is a vent. It feels like there was fabric, and then they poured the insole on top.

The rest of the insoles are 1 in 1. Between 42 sizes out of 370 models - no differences were revealed.
Most likely this insole has the same nuance as in the 366 model that I wore.
Therefore, I will add:
Sticker "RAX" on the insole - paints light gray socks.
But as it turned out, this is not a problem. Since it degrades and breaks off with a regular degreaser (in the photo I held a cotton swab several times, it got wet and peeled off). This did not affect the insole itself (on the reverse side I checked, nothing has changed)

By the way, initially the insole was stiffer here, but then it “softened”. What and why so - I do not know. Maybe the Chinese at the factory forgot to “squeeze” it so that it would become soft.
On the tongue there is a marking of sizes and other things - it is like a very thin plastic or a thick layer of paint.

As for the appearance - then, I expected that theywill be more "warm." But in fact they are "a very beautiful mesh." In summer, of course, the legs will be very well ventilated. But no one wrote about this anywhere. But now wake up, and you know.
I tried to take a picture with a tape measure to appreciate the height.

And inside.

In the end, the sole + insole? 3cm, as in winter.
Here are a couple of photos.

Inside are the same “plugs” as before. I suspect that they shove them everywhere. I have 3 pairs of shoes and all 3 pairs have such “inserts”.

Chinese pieces of paper hang on the sidelines.
If you are strong in foreign - you can read.
We are promised a price of 569 yuan = $ 83, but it seems to me - this is Chinese marketing.

Rubber was applied in the sock (more like rubber in transparent helium soles).
But there are no brand markings here.
But on the left shoe from the outside - a trace of glue. The glue is so caustic that it seems to melt the rubber.
Although in the beginning I thought it was a scratch.

Also, in the sock, we extended the sole. You can kick something.

Not far from the sock, outside logo

You can notice the "strip" of the sole. There will be less visible wrinkles in the future.
In the back there is a lift of foam / eva which is painted in a different color. But this is not ordinary paint, but a thin layer of foam of a different color. If it erases, it will take a very long time.

On the backdrop, there is a strip. It can be pulled over her leg.

Well, and the seams

Inside the backdrop has the same seams.

This photo shows the texture. This is the usual synthetics of which a little “pile” was added to make the foot more pleasant (if you wear it on the bare foot). Exactly the same was in the Hi-Tec Ezee’Z slip-ons and 366 models from RAX.

Also, the back has a minimum of foam rubber (apparently so that the feet are cooler).
There are no problems with internal seams either.

But as far as I remember, they are flashing it so thatit’s ok to make a sneaker without a sole and not break it. And then just pour or paste the sole. Personally, this firmware never bothered me. And the sole of the last 10 years I have not come off for sure.
Even under the foam that is sewn on - something tough. Perhaps, like in many other shoes - some pressed paper, for rigidity.
Eyelets seem to be brass (yellow sections) and painted on top. On the outside there is a rough pad that gives rigidity and design.

If earlier in the photo, you could see a couple of sticking threads, then there are jambs on the tongue.
From the outside, under the laces there is a double seam along the tongue.

And inside it seems that one.

Apparently, when they sewed, the inside moved and one seam was sewn.
The left frame is the outside where it is visible that the inner tissue is bulging.
The central frame is the inside where you can see that 2 seams and only 1 seized the inner fabric.
Right frame - what it looks like.

As for the sole, it is very interesting.

In the front of the "groove" for greater flexibility in bending.
Why the groove in the back - I don’t know. I have some guesses, but I'm still inclined that this is a design.
The tread is “faceted” and should dig well into the ground / asphalt, and its point structure is better to absorb bumps.
The total height of the protrusions = 5.5mm. Of these, 2mm is the top. And therein lies a secret.

But since I have had shoes for a long time, I write the review slowly, periodically I go in sneakers at home, squeeze them in search of nuances.
Then I noticed a very interesting point. These protrusions are quite soft. It feels like there is an air chamber.
I could only check the presence of an air chamber by cutting the sole. But I went in a more humane way.
I just pierced one of the ledges (to be honest,the rubber is very elastic and stuck an awl to a depth of 7mm - it did not pierce the rubber. Thrusting even deeper I heard a characteristic sound when the rubber breaks.
It was even more difficult to insert the second awl "and push them apart" to look inside.
And indeed - there is an air chamber (separate for each protrusion).
But the air chamber is not in every ledge.
In this photo I tried to show the protrusions that have cameras (the protrusions with cameras use their fingers to cash in differently, unlike the protrusions without a camera)
Red highlighted where the camera is fully, and blue where the camera is partially and partially rubber
Blue, on the one hand, was pressed gently and at any angle, but on the other hand, it was not pressed.


Well, to try to show how much thin fabric is on top, I took a photo

As for the tests, fitting, and more. In the climb, they are not enough for me (but in width is excellent). According to this photo "on me" without an insole.
Outside, just a couple of degrees and mountainssnow. Therefore, I was hanging around at home, and on the day of the review, I went for a walk outside. In search of a beautiful stone, I went around the floor of SK Valley of Coziness. But over the stones a meter of snow and still have to crawl to it.
Sneakers are lightweight and I planned (if I came) to wear them in the summer.

summer version of the photo

Well, since there are times that you don’t particularly like in Bermuda and you need to wear jeans or something else.
Then I took out my old summer light pants from Luhta which are not much hotter than in shorts.
Well, with a couple of photos in winter pants))
warmer option

Well, back I crawled like this. I dress Reboki when I go to review to quickly take off and put on.

Since sneakers have a completely different style and purpose, their comparison is not objective.
But still they are both comfortable (Rax was without an insole). Where in the ribs I slipped - the rax dug into the snow, and I did not fall. Where I wanted to ride, Rax spoiled everything.
But I made a couple of examples of how rax works with soil / snow.
To start, I walked along the road (pedestrian, ordinary cars do not drive there)
Well, then I went on the road where the cars go.

And his foot blinked.
Well, closer to the pedestrian, the snow melted on the heating main. Then I decided to check on a concrete slab.

tests took of course longer than on video, but the essence is clear.
You can estimate the wear resistance of the sole.

It is elastic and therefore “as it were,” as it were, “not folded”pieces break out. I did not see anything criminal. How long the soles are enough before the air chambers open - depends on the love of shuffling feet. But I liked the “test wear resistance”. Let it be worse than in Salomon, but many times better than usual.
When I step on one foot, all the “little bumps” are pressed into it seems that the heel is completely on the surface.
Photo “no load on shoes”.

Well, then I stood on one leg

Also, while walking in the snow, I noticed one interesting moment.
Since I walk very fast, in the rib-legit was warmer than “body temperature”, but in these - it was just “body temperature”, since all the excess heat immediately went away. In principle, you can run in them in winter
But it’s worth blowing the wind - as you know, that outside the window the cold and the leg begins to freeze.
If until today, I wanted them like“To fuse” to anyone, then having walked in them without an insole, I already thought about how to leave them. If none of my friends picks it up, I will leave it if they pick it up, then I will probably order one more size. Well, or take a closer look at another model (at the same time a review can be done)
Well, the weight of one shoe 42 sizes - 295 grams.
Although I went to them a little, but here are my thoughts on this matter.
+ for the summer should be great.
+ very soft due to the insole and the sole.
+ for the wide foot is good.
± the foam will be wrinkled over time and dirty.
± due to summer dust, feet will be dirty (the problem of all shoes for summer)
± there are small jambs in the form of protruding threads and “overshot” seams.
-not for a leg with a high rise !!!
It seems to me that it should be cool to run around themdirt roads. The sole should work out the pebbles well and have a good grip, and the foot should not sweat too much. Previously, in the summer I ran on ski slopes and sometimes on asphalt.
Well, the video review "one take."

P.S .: the seller seems to have a stock (he told me so) - I’ll sell it cheaper.
Its essence is that if you found a RAX model cheaper on Ali, then you need to write to the seller and he will make a discount (most likely a little cheaper than you found).
You can try it.
The seller wrote a couple of times to the mail, from soap ****, I suspect that he does not lie when he says that he works in RAX, and not just a reseller.
Also, I do not oblige to buy, I only show what you can expect. And it will be like with me when I wanted something closer to the "cold summer" and got a "hot summer" and did not fit.
Found information about the company