RAX 63-5C366N Chocolate Sneakers

It's time to upgrade your sneakers.
I decided to try China. Although I was very afraid that I would miss the size.
Problems with color rendition.
The main purpose of the review is to share information about the purchase, so that other buyers know what awaits them.
I do not pretend to be a shoe expert, I can only describe my feelings on the basis of my experience.
You can talk a lot about offline and talk,that you can buy other models or even brands for the money. But let's not forget that everyone chooses what he wants. I could buy nike or asics for the money. But I made my choice in favor of China, as I have my own experience in wearing branded and “not so” shoes and my own needs.
I wanted to take a pure winter option with all sorts of "knowhow. " But there was the end of November, and the seller said that on 11.11 my model / size was swept from stock. Offered a similar leather / suede, but I wanted exactly the “know how” with all kinds of membranes, lungs and more.
I had to take sneakers.
a little reflection of choice

About Shipping / Packaging

Although the seller is sociable, clumsy translators do their job.
As a result, I began to look for what kind of company. I came across taobao for more detailed descriptions of models.
It turns out I have a Leopard model. There are others, for example, wolves. Differences in purpose. But with leopards, I can open new horizons (as the poster promised me). And better leg support (leopard decides).

So you can safely hang around in them anywhere (although I always do this), but I will be more confident to go fishing in them in the summer or what kind of hike / barbecue - I thought, until I got the shoes.
The model was more "summer" than I thought. But you cannot refuse her convenience. He sits very comfortably and all my fears turned out to be superfluous.
Well, now about the main thing.
As you can see, I have leopards thatWALKING SERIES - for walking. ALL TERRAIN - Any area. Leopard school :))))))))))) In principle, I agree with this. But they are more for dry walking, since they are not waterproof.

Inside the shoe is not just stuffed paper like thisit usually happens, but concrete “plugs” or pads, I don’t know what they are called, are made of durable pressed cardboard and are somewhat reminiscent of sodden fiberboard. With the inscriptions 41-43. Already nice.

On the right shoe there is a tag with a great tongue.

What I liked was the indication of the price from the factory. MEXX did the same when it belonged to Amsterdam, now I don’t know.
Tag with cool jeans.

And on sneakers flaunts 629 yuan, or $ 90.85. But I honestly did not know that they cost so much. But among 10 lots of 6000r each, they can be taken from the manufacturer for 3500 each.
I ordered 43 for my 42 or 28cm.

And did not lose. Everything fell perfectly.
Here they are, my beauties

If you don’t see the joint, then on the left sneaker at the bottom the laces holder is slightly crookedly sewn.
This will be number one.

Here you can see the height. High sole allows you to walk through shallow puddles.

It turns out 30.5cm long

It turns out that there is no tongue in the sneakers, I laced on a leopard.
It was in my old salons and Hi-Tec. I can’t say that this is bad, the seams on the tongue do not interfere at all and it’s even convenient. But due to the high rise, it’s not very convenient for me to shoe them without a spoon. Ideally, you need slippery socks or wait until they are carried / take. In this, I even envy people with the usual foot. I was able to buy comfortable skates for the third time only, and that’s because the store ordered only a wide model.

This is jamb number two. Which I noticed after 4 hours of torsion in my hands and corrected it with scissors.

Laces are normal. It is 120cm long and approximately 3.5mm in diameter.
But on sneakers, I rarely touch them. Once tied up, and then simply "put his foot in and went."
Rubber is applied on the toe. It is as if poured hot there, or as if melted with an iron.

The rubber is soft, a cross between latex and EVA. There is a thickening near the sock and under it as if something is hidden, which gives it rigidity.
There is also embossing.

In the backdrop, too, something is tough.
The backdrop itself has a suede insert. At first I thought it was also synthetic. But it turned out to be suede.
The inscriptions are poured in shape and tearing them is not easy.

The sole is all made of foam (EVA) but the black patches are rubber.
At first glance, the tires are of high quality and will wear out for a long time, but this will show a weekly test.

In addition, there are small pimples that the seller positions as “non-slip & softening outsole: dimensional lower stallions of the disc
with a wonderful restoration and power work, non-slip and wear resistant .. ”and one should be the first to wear off.

A mesh and a very nice fabric are expected inside us. It was the same in slippers and some of my other sneakers. I can’t put a bad word about her. I like and does not break for a long time.

You can see that everything is stitched. But as far as I remember, they are stitching it so that it would be normal to make a sneaker without a sole and not to ruin it. And then just pour or paste the sole. Personally, this firmware never bothered me. And the sole of the last 10 years I have not come off for sure.

As for the insole. It’s usually not all right with them. Even the same price category shoes may have a good or bad insole. I am enraged at the insoles that are compressed under my 95 kg in a rag, but I love those that contain sorbents that absorb odors and moisture.
Here is an insole that absorbs shock with the effectmemory and, if pressed, somewhere in half a second it is restored. Squeezing her is very nice and fun. Like thermoplastic rubber or soft silicone. The seller certainly promises a lot of things, but separately these insoles cost him a lot. I believed him.

Insole length 28.5 cm, width 9.5 cm

Here is a close-up photo.

Larger can be here yadi.sk/i/V3uK_gaa38QRtz
This is the edge.

There is a vent. It feels like there was fabric, and then they poured the insole on top.

Larger here yadi.sk/i/9STAWunL38QVGA
The total weight of 1 shoe is 409 grams.
The gray strip on the sole is like a thin layer of foam, and under it is a white foam
Well, now field trials.
Sneakers get wet very quickly. But they dry quickly and add almost no weight. Processed by impregnation 2 times.
Day 1:
Wet snow, 0 degrees. For the first time I walked as if I put marshmallows on my feet.
Better to wear with false (large rise). Ideally, you should have slippery socks.
I had to get used to the high sole.
After 6 km (mail / store / walked) and almost 2 hours trampling through the snowdrifts - everything is cool.
The rest of the days were around minus 7-10. About 5km a day went.
Sneakers are well ventilated, it should be cool for the summer.
My legs weren’t freezing, but at minus 10 I realized that they are better ventilated than my riboque

On ice glides, like everything. On the remaining surfaces as if rooted to the spot. If the surface is smooth and wet (for example, tile / linoleum), then there is the usual creak (I can not explain this pattern, but shoes with good wear-resistant rubber can creak on wet linoleum / tile).
Rubber on the toe - at minus 10, the softness does not lose, I think it will not burst.
Sticker "RAX" on the insole - painted light gray socks.
But as it turned out, this is not a problem. Since it degrades and breaks off with a regular degreaser (in the photo I held a cotton swab several times, it got wet and peeled off). This did not affect the insole itself (on the reverse side I checked, nothing has changed)

For almost 6 days (at the time of the photo), the insole did not shrink even like new.
All 6 days I wore only socks (I checked the absorption of odors) - neither the nose, nor the legs, nor the insole - did not smell. The insole smells a bit rubber, but you need to sniff in tight.
Soles are just as good. Although I expected that it could begin to wear off - it did not materialize, even small spines did not erase. In the photo - 2 extreme spikes, which fell most of all under the distribution and most of all blinked.

In conclusion, I can say the following:
The foam itself resembles that of old salons, amid slippers made of foam - earth and space.
Very satisfied with the quality, exceeded all expectations.
Walking in them is soft and pleasant.
Still, they are more for the summer, walking on rough terrain - should be a pleasure.
When I jumped from the snowdrifts to the road (I ran across the road in the wrong places) - it was very comfortable.
I'm glad that the outsole is durable
After treatment with impregnation - dry legs
It looks like this to me:

At the time of ordering, the store was called RAX Ruixing Official Store and had a rating of 98.4% of 501 orders.
But then for some reason the store closed and opened a new one, which I wrote about. Therefore, the link is not his new store. And by reference, female models of small sizes. He said then he will add men.
Since Chinese NG has arrived, the seller is in no hurry to add goods to the store, and for more than 2 weeks I have been walking in sneakers in snowfalls and taking them off with my second foot, like this:

There are no problems, I like shoes.
I took another photo after 2 weeks. In jeans and light winter pants.
Many pictures, everything for you)

UPD: today (28.01,2017) I will probably remove the sneakers to the shelf. Still, you need to finish off the old ones. Chinese like new. Yesterday I rode a bus and thought about the insoles - everything is fine with them, they don’t die.
Personally, I have already recommended to all my friends.
Found information about the company