RAX sneakers with insole. In the press! And without the insole is good ...

Greetings to all users of redlightgreen.org. I have been reading reviews here for more than six months, but for a long time I did not dare to write my own. However, it is still ripe, therefore, I share the suffering.
So, it’s worth starting with the fact that I had experience ordering shoes in the Middle Kingdom several years ago. Unsuccessful. Although, as they say, he is to blame, because he chose the cheapest position from those presented. For money, as you know, and quality. Shitty, in general.
As for specifically here these sneakers, then I matured for their order in early April,having read reviews about RAX sports shoes. Just the necessary amount of money appeared, so I doubted for long. He made the necessary measurements of the length of the foot, checked the dimensions on the grid (I have 11, or 44 EUR) provided on seller’s page, and made his choice. Nevertheless, this did not save the father of Russian democracy, for my lift is high and the fullness of my legs is slightly larger than usual. But more on that later.
In the meantime, the characteristics of the model.
Manufacturer: Rax
Athletic Shoes Type: Hiking Boots
Lining Material: Synthetic
Gender: Men
Shoulder Completeness: Medium (B, M)
Practice Level: Professional
Insole Material: EVA
Features: breathable, massage, height building
Closure Type: Lace-up
Model Number: 63-5C360
Outsole Material: Rubber
Upper Material: Synthetic
The order came pretty quickly, which is the following confirmation.

Thus, the road took only 16 days. It’s not long for myself, given that the city where I live is essentially a province, despite the fact that at the same distance (about 200 km) from us are four airports (Kurgan, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen). The purely small-town meme that our current governor gave life to for 17 years running our city - the “city of four airports” - is about us, yes. But to hell with the lyrics, let's continue about shoes.
Day after day with sneakers and razor tracked forwhich I slammed into the mail. Having received it first in his hands, he asked the postman to check whether another shipment in my name had been brought from sorting. As it turned out, they brought it, and the package with crosses was found in a polypropylene bag, which was lying around the customer desk. Well, okay, I was not in a complaint, especially since the shoes did not suffer at all during the delivery.
Having reached the house, he began unpacking. I’ll hide this process under the spoiler.

Under a layer of film and paper, a couplea sneaker (sold saved on a box, so that the package weighed less) with a pair of white socks embedded in one of the semi-pairs (summer version, purely for cross-country). A trifle, as they say, but nice.

Well, okay, let's continue. Here are the heroes of the review together.

And individually. Many pictures, so I hide.
In his best

Now about comfort. I pulled the left half pair on my leg with difficulty, the same fate befell the right one. In general, the sadness was that the length of the sneakers fit perfectly, but in terms of completeness - no. Therefore, for a more comfortable sock, the insoles had to be removed, after which the shoes sat down like a glove. I think that if I ordered a size larger (but there wasn’t one in the store), I wouldn’t have any problems. In general, fools learn from their mistakes. I'll know.
Here's what the sneakers on the foot look like.

Well, and a few more photos for beauty.

We pass to the conclusions.
From the moment I receive the sneakers, I have been operating themalmost every day in urban mode (asphalt, rolled primer). Without an insole, because with it the legs inside are tight. Ventilation is the place to be, but the legs still sweat. Not that much, but the fact remains. After two hours, there is a slight discomfort, but I associate it with my weight (much more than the norm), so there are no complaints about the manufacturer.
Compared to branded shoes. About 20 years ago I had the pleasure of wearing cool Nike Air Max crosses. They were purchased in a company tent at VDNH for a very decent amount. So much so that for this amount it was possible to buy a tracksuit and cross-shoes from the collection before last. For ease of use, these crosses tore all available shoes. I wore them for three years, after which they grunted. Absolutely. Since the average life of the shoe I hold just around this time period, I think this result is quite worthy.
The heroes of the review, I hope, will live at least a couple of seasons. I'm afraid the seams fastening the tongue and the vampire will not stand. Pah-pah-pah, in general.
Will I still order shoes in China? Perhaps because in our small town at a sane price tag to find good sneakers, shoes, boots and so on is almost unrealistic. Only Wildberries helps out, but the price tag there is not always humane.
Then I take my leave. Thanks for attention.