Mug stirrer for lazy

Hello. Here is an overview of an interesting gadget - mugs that stir sugar with tea, milk with coffee, etc. In addition to the mug there are still advantages. I bought this mug as you can see in the screenshot for $ 8.50. But the food has since raised the price by 2 times (is it really such a popular little thing?). Well, okay. You can buy a mug less greedy sellers
The order came in the usual (not a custom package) this one that the postmen are trying to shove into the mailbox.
Box - some hieroglyphs. That is, the product is intended for the Chinese market

And here is the mug itself. Plastic on top, metal inside. It looks pretty.

The mug is closed by a lid.

There is another lid in the lid

We move the lever and a hole opens through which you can pour the contents into smaller dishes. Or ..., you can drink without spilling coffee in the car when driving along a crusty road.
The lid closes the cup tightly thanksrubber gasket. If you turn over a mug filled with liquid, then it rarely begins to drip through the above shutter. That is, a filled mug can be worn in a backpack or in a bag. Nothing will spill.

There is a rubber stopper on the bottom side, having removed which we will see a slot for two AAA batteries.

The mixing process is carried out using these blades.

Why you will need to press this button located on the handle

Estimate the dimensions. By the way, the capacity of the mug is a maximum of 300 ml.

And now the circle is at work. We fall asleep the working and peasant MacCaffee, pour boiling water.

We press the button and the mug smartly mixes the mixture in a few seconds.

I’ll try coffee in an hour to evaluate"Thermos" properties of the mug. 1 hour 15 minutes passed. Coffee has noticeably cooled relative to boiling water - the temperature is 56 degrees, compared with thermoses, the results are unimportant, but among the mugs it is super.
So the functions of the circles.
1. The mug itself interferes.
2. The mug somehow keeps warm
3. Mug - non-spill.
Hence the conclusion - the destination of the subject is a tourist-driver. Well, or for the lazy like me.