Pendant "flower in a bottle." Purchase from product category up to 18+

In the first lines of my mini-reviewer, let me congratulate lovely ladies on the upcoming holiday!
Well and further about the pendant
Brevity is the soul of wit
Since this review was not born in a planned manner, stochastically, I will be extremely brief.
The pendant was ordered not by me and not for myself, it was ordered by a representative of the age group, which has long been causing me a secret, but bright envy - a teenager. Well, she needed it for some reason. In the world, and on any website of online stores, there are a huge number of products that I find perplexing. But someone buys them, someone needs them. In this diversity lies the charm of the world. There is nothing new under the sun. Neither the idea itself, creatively rethought by comrades from the PRC, nor the story of how the natives exchanged their property for glass beads (

Yesterday, in this great review of
the link to this pendant also caused a certaininterest, so I decided to rewind time a few weeks ago, and again consider the purchase. Moreover, for this short period of time, the hostess’s interest in her has faded away, and the purchase was successfully lost in the wilds of other rubbish from the same regions by birth. In order to find her - I had to make some efforts. Well, if you found ... ... you won’t get away from fate.
Product Features
Price - the product is cheap, I paid 110 p., Now it costs 49 p.
Delivery - average 45 days
Brief Product TTX

The length of the double folded lace is 25 cm.
The main function of the product is that transparentthe substance that makes up the main highlight of the pendant (at the bottom of the bottle, under the flower), like a phosphor glows in the dark with a greenish light. Like the numbers on the dial of some watches. This is not tritium, although the pendant flickers dimly from 23 to 6 (in the dark), being fed by photons of light radiation, after a long abstinence from light rays (in the box) completely loses its ability to shine. Although it restores it in a few seconds of being in the stream of rays from the LED lamp. At the same time, it glows very brightly, gradually, rather slowly becoming more and more dim. That's the whole charm of this thing.

I will not write about phosphors, in Google you can find comprehensive information about them. But in any case, be calm, this thing does not apply to RIPs or RISam.
These pendants differ in the color of the flower itself, located inside the microbot.
Since the glow initially caused certainConcerns, although I did not doubt its chemical, rather than physical origin, the background radiation near the purchase was estimated. No anomalies were detected, everything is quite expected and calm. Neither alpha, nor beta, nor X-ray, nor gamma radiation disturbed the devices (dosimeter-radiometers MKS-02CA1 and MKS-05 Terra) when the product approached them.

I will not say anything about the composition of the phosphor, the metal element on the cord, quite expectedly, has a simple composition

De gustibus non disputandum est. Suum cuique. This is all my conclusions on the fact of purchase. No more, no less.
That's the whole enchanting story.
If the stars light up - it means someone needs it
Perhaps it’s better to capitulate right away - “GN - Bitte nicht Schie? En. Ich gebe auf. "
All good and once again with a holiday from NN.

The photograph was taken personally, in which I take a solemn oath.