Shaving Alum and Deodorant

I fired up somehow shaving T machine. And let's watch a video, read reviews, etc., etc.
Today's review will focus on hygiene products. The word “alum” used to mean something to me that made the little head of a cat with that and jerry. So it was shown in cartoons.
it turns out ...
Yes, but it turns out to be a universal remedy. It is used after shaving, if you cut yourself instead of sticking a newspaper)) you need to lubricate the cut with these alum to stop the blood.
As it turned out (I just did not know), it can be used as an antiperspirant.

Having tried all these methods, I’m ready to say that it works!
Of course, if the cut is strong (such a misfortune happened in my first T machine exercise), he stops the blood, but for a while. And if the cut is not significant then easily!
I also decided to test as an antiperspirant. Because I myself use a ball and one that is almost odorless (well, that's how the manufacturer advertises it).
Well, here he passed all the tests. True, it was from autumn to the present day. Well, and in the heat, probably, no one can cope much (
After using for several months, I did not notice that they are decreasing) Are they eternal?))

And of course, how not to check the taste) salt after all ... So with ordinary salt, there is nothing in common. more sour-bitter taste or something and immediately "knits" the tongue.
Yes, you must wet it when using. And it dries quickly.
I hope someone helped determine the choice.