Brass washers for repair or tuning folding knives

Among lovers of knives, an opinion was formed thatWashers on the axle screw must be yellow metal, such as brass, bronze or copper. If the washers are made of fluoroplastic, then this is a sure sign of a budget knife and the manufacturer’s savings on materials.
On almost all the knives that I had to disassemble, the washers were in an unsightly form by default. Have to spend time aligning andgrinding. If the operation was successful, the blade will be able to "fly". Sometimes these actions may be insufficient, and then the washers must be replaced (knife repair), sometimes you want to replace the fluoroplastic washers with metal washers (tuning).
I must say right away that I chose products with a thickness of 0.8 mm, and this is more like a workpiece that requires fine-tuning.
I’ve been thinking about the pucks for a long time, but I don’t know where they can be found offline, but it never occurred to me to buy on Ali.
And recently I looked through the range of $ 4-5, asking in the search the word Knife. I got this lot.
5 plus dollars for 10 washers. A little expensive.
First of all, I wanted to replace the fluoroplastic washers with my cheap ChiMile. Therefore, he dismantled the knife and took measurements. It turned out: the outer diameter of 10 mm, the inner 5 mm and a thickness of 0.5 mm.
I searched in Ali for the words brass washer. There were only a few sellers. Some had attractive lots, but delivery to Kazakhstan was very expensive (residents of other countries should search on their own). Fearing that the products would be uneven, I was afraid to take with a thickness of 0.5 mm. It would be nice to 0.6 -0.7 mm. But managed to find only 0.8 mm.
I applied a $ 4 coupon and placed an order. The seller sent with a full track of China post.
After 20 days I received a very small and light bag. He opened the package in the video. It seemed to me that there are far from 100 goals.
But everything is fine.

We recount 99 normal and one damaged.

The manufacturer did not know about my intentions for use)))
Many washers with traces of cutting down and with traces of dragging. But believe me, in the knives, Chinese manufacturers put just such.

Some of the ugliest sfotal in macro.

It looks unsightly, but easy to clean when polishing. And at least half of the pucks are pretty decent, there is plenty to choose from. If I took the first lot of only 10 washers, everything would be much sadder.
Now check the sizes. Accuracy is important here, so I pulled out my Soviet caliper from the box.
The outer diameter is exactly 10 mm.

Inner 5.3 mm.

But the thickness of different washers varies.
This one has 0.8 mm.

This one has 0.9 mm.

Measured the thickness of the other 10 randomly caughtwashers. One has a thickness of 0.9 mm, the remaining 0.8 mm. Based on this, I advise you to still measure the thickness of the washers before fitting under your knife and choose a pair of the same thickness.
I did not immediately realize and processed the first two washers, which are pictured with a caliper.
Started with sandpaper P320. Then he reduced the grit 400-600-1000-1200-1500-2000. I advise you to bring it to the desired thickness on the first coarse napzhachka, since the subsequent ones are removed very little.
Usually I finish on P2000, but I tested polishing pastes and therefore brought the surface to a mirror shine.

Due to the fact that it was removed a little on rough sandpaper, the washers were slightly thicker - 0.6 mm.

Let's start the fitting. Parsing ChiMile.

As you can see, the size matches.

I even put one washer on another. Only plastic irregularities stick out.

Thickness comparison.

I begin to collect the knife, simultaneously lubricating with machine oil.


Due to the fact that I didn’t exactly hit the puck thickness, the blade does not “fly”, but still moves softly and smoothly. There are no backlashes.
Let's take stock. Without coupons, washers are a little expensive. If possible, it’s better to choose something similar offline. Made not very neat. Most likely, product tolerances do not require this. If we take the pucks as a blank, then the quality is quite acceptable and with the right effort, you can get the desired result.
That's all.