Shower head or apartment hammam

It would seem that there is an ordinary subject,
Banal shower head.
On the fingers you find who does not have it,
But still listen to my story:
I didn’t live, I silently took a shower,
And did not sing songs, only listened
Now I understand how much I lost
Without such a shower head!
Under her, I bastard, dance, sing,
And jumping like in a water park
And the water ruthlessly pour tons
Happy as an elephant in a zoo!

And would you like to know what such a shower head shining with different colors turns into after 5 years of use in soft St. Petersburg water?
not to look nervous

It was she who made me search for her replacement.
Ali offers a great many different watering cans,and with pebbles and luminous, but I specifically found the surveyed thing only in a couple of shops. This fact convinced me of the uniqueness of the product and the purchase was immediately executed.
Delivery was carried out in a strange way: Guangzhou - Eren-Hoto - Kyakhta - Novosibirsk - Yekaterinburg (this track went there and died away) And suddenly a notification came. Wow.
There was no special packaging, besides the Chinese bag and inside the bubble wrap.

No gaskets or gifts were included in the kit. There were no surprises in the fastening - I rolled up like a native.
The watering can has two separate spray modes and the third is combined.

The plate is in the center (by the way, it’s metal,the magnet is molded “with a bang”) has several rings with holes and forms a clear saturated rain beam. In this mode, it is convenient to hold the watering can in your hand, directing it to different parts of the body.
An outer plastic ring with holes createsjets that fly out collide and disperse with water dust. In this mode, a cloud saturated with water vapor forms around you, and my first sensation was the feeling that I was in a hammam. The same smell, the same humidity (you just need to tighten the hot water). It’s difficult to capture water jets, but I tried:

In the third (combined) mode, water exits fromall holes. It feels like a regular single-mode watering can. Switching between modes is clear, fixed with a click. The watering can material is plastic (who would doubt it), the diameter is 10cm, it is larger than the previous one, but does not cause discomfort. It looks stylish on the wall.
dimensions and view on the wall

As you have no doubt guessed by minethe hammam mode has become my favorite
Yes, more: the site claims water savings. This is true if you use a central beam. The holes are very small and a small enough pressure to form a good rain. With the outer ring I want a stronger, hotter and longer, what a savings!
I could not help but share my joy with you, sorry for the subjectivity, but the feelings that I received from the watering can in the first week of use have already paid off the funds invested in it.
Thanks for attention.