Shower Head (300 hole Pressurized Water Saving Shower Head)

Operating time 1 month. (At the moment a little more holidays have already moved away the review).
I decided to write a review on the shower head. She was already observing here. But in that review some points were not indicated. I decided to take a test.
Why did you decide to take it? Well basically for checking savings.
The cost of a communal apartment is growing every year, in contrast to the RFP, which is moving in the opposite direction.
Additional Information

The package went about 1.5 months. It was tracked only in China.
Sent in a regular packet with a little bubble.
With a watering can there was a net in the kit.
Old watering can and new.

Well and most importantly, what the manufacturer offers us. (the most basic)
1 easy installation.
2 hydrodynamic massage.
3 water saving up to 30%.
I used a watering can exactly a month between the counter readings.
Installation is really easy. Just unscrewing the old one, screw the new one into place.
After installing a new watering can, it was a little unusual to wash. The old one was wider so the water area was larger.
Then we are promised a hydrodynamic massage, spa. (Well, right at home spa center.)
So the old watering can watered.

So new

But not everything is as promised. There is NO any increase in water pressure and massage at all. I would compare this with the effect of aeration. (When an aerator is installed on the tap) Water jets become softer compared to the previous watering can. On the old watering can the water jets felt stronger, but here the water watered gently.
Now let's see what with the savings.
We turn on the timer and we collect water of 4 L.
The old watering can completed the task in 23. 20 sec.
New completed this task in 22.50 sec.
The difference in half a second can be attributed to the stopwatch stop error. It is difficult to conclude. We install the watering can in its place and proceed to the tests. Last exactly a month.
And so the month passed. We look at what happened with us.
Water consumption ...
Looked past months.
Water used up
OCTOBER - 6 cc
Well, apparently the water flow rate remained the same. If there is any kind of savings, then it falls into error. (the calculation is made in whole cubes and liters are not taken into account). We were promised a saving of 30%, which is about 1.5 - 2 cubic meters.
Well now we can definitely say that this is not a MIRACLE.
+ low price
- no massage effect
- no saving
Buy or not you decide. For a much higher price in local stores, you can buy nozzles with switches and switch water modes as you like. For me, duck I would no longer take such a watering can without the need, even for that kind of money.