Small wall lamp for home with battery-powered motion sensor and its successful installation in the hallway

Hi, I decided to talk about my purchase of the lamp.
I stumbled upon it by accident, and was a littlesurprised by the small price, no, this is normal for a lamp, but with a motion sensor it’s cheap. Although now, having looked at other offers, I understand that such lamps have been worth a penny for a long time, probably the “Wow” effect has remained since youth when I first saw them.
A lamp comes in such a box.


In the kit was the lamp itself, instructions, two-sided sticker, magnetic plate.


At the back there is a compartment for three AAA batteries, I can’t say how much charge the battery holds, but in a month I haven’t changed the batteries yet.

Fastens with a magnet that sticks to a double-sided Velcro.
I found an application for him in the corridorstreet to the second floor of the house, there is light in it, but the switch is in the middle of the stairs, and that would not constantly reach for it or quickly go down, attached it next to the switch. Leaving the house or entering the corridor the light comes on immediately, of course there is a small delay, but not a significant one.
P.s probably many will be interested in whether the lamp works on pets, most likely yes, but I promise to check and unsubscribe.

It shines normally, not a searchlight of course, but in order to see what is underfoot (as in my case) is enough.

It works from about three meters.
There is a light sensor, in the light does not work.
I found the use of the lamp for myself and probablyI’ll order a couple more, it’s working well and is fully working on its price, I don’t know how long it will work, but so far I’m glad to buy it inexpensively. I think everyone will find application both in a private house and in an apartment, for example by attaching it to a mirror or above a shelf.
That's all.