Micro Fpv Quadrocopter Eachine E013

Good day! This is me again, but today we will not talk about homemade work, but about a completely factory quadrocopter Eachine E013. This quadrocopter is designed for Fpv (Fpv is a first-person view when a picture from a drone’s camera is transmitted in real time to a monitor, glasses or helmet) in limited spaces. Who are interested, read on.

I apologize in advance for the quality of the photo, took it on the phone, and for the fact that the review will not weigh the copter and its details. I don’t have weights.
The main advantage of this quadrocopteris normal Fpv at a frequency of 5.8 GHz, which gives us the opportunity to fly comfortably in a helmet or goggles, and not watch forever braking video on the phone when using Wifi Fpv. I note that the quadrocopter can be delivered in two different trim levels. They differ in the presence or absence of a stripped-down version of the Eachine Vr006 video helmet. I already have Fpv glasses, so I took the version without a helmet. The quadcopter comes in such a small box. For the sake of scale, I put my control equipment nearby.. Inside the box, everything is packed in fairly dense foam and should not be damaged upon delivery. Options are not very rich. This includes: the quadrocopter itself, control equipment, a 3.7v 220mAh battery, a screwdriver, Usb charging, a set of spare propellers and stickers and instructions. Now let's look at all this in more detail. The quadcopter is small, the diagonal size along the axes of the motors is 65mm, the length and width is 78mm, and the height is 40mm. . Here to compare the size of the photo with a 380m quadrocopter ... The quadrocopter is equipped with 6 x 15mm collector motors. Four-blade motors are put on motor shaftspropellers. The diameter is 31mm, but the manufacturer does not indicate the step. The canter of the copter is mounted on two self-tapping screws for a Phillips screwdriver, having removed it, we will see a control board with a built-in 2.4 GHz receiver. . Plans to install a controller on the F3 processorand full Betaflight firmware. There will be the possibility of fine-tuning, acro mode, and most importantly, the ability to control your control equipment. Below the quadrocopter, we see a place for the battery, a little modified by me, and a connector on the board for connecting it. Now a few words about the camera ...The manufacturer claims 1/3 Cmos sensor and as much as 1000tvl. I will say in advance, for such a camera size, the picture is very, very good. Judge for yourself, here is a screenshot from the video. Naturally this is not FHD, the picture in glasses640x480 pixels are transmitted, and on a large monitor it doesn’t look very good, but I assure you that the picture with glasses or a helmet is quite suitable for itself and is only slightly inferior to full-fledged FPV cameras. A 25mW video transmitter with a frequency of 5.8 GHz is built into the camera. There is enough power for flying around the apartment, and even sometimes fly out into the street. Now let's move on to the control equipment. The equipment operates at a frequency of 2.4GHz, it is of course small (yes there, small) in size, but you can fly. On the front side there are two control sticks, a power switch, the Headless mode enable buttons (this is when it doesn’t matter which side the copter is turned to, it is controlled as if it were facing you with the tail) and return home (if you fly strictly in front of you, you should approximately fly to the equipment). These two functions are so useless and work so crookedly (not only on this quad, but on all quadrocopters without GPS) that I will not dwell on them in detail. Learn to fly without helpers. The remaining six buttons are trimmers. If you stick the sticks to the sides, the accelerometer is calibrated. Do this only on a flat surface. From the end of the equipment buttons for changing costs are located (above the leftstick). Costs are three kinds. Above the right stick is the autoflip button. They pressed a button, pulled the right stick in any direction, and the copter will do a backflip in the direction you pointed. In the middle, there is simply a stub made of transparent plastic of red color (or maybe in some versions there is an IR transmitter hiding there). It is powered by three batteries or AAA batteries. By the way, cheap batteries from Fix price have been living for almost a year for quite intensive use. Now about the battery. The kit includes one Lipo Akum with a voltage of 3.7v and a capacity of 220 mAh 35s. Grabs it by about 3.5 minutes of active flights with FPV. After about 3 minutes of flying on the copter, the red LED starts flashing, the flip button is inactive and the thrust is sagging. To increase the flight time, I bought a couple more batteries 3.7v 240mAh and 45s. I bought it here ... https: //ru.aliexpress.com / item / e010s-3-7-240-45C-RC / 32834688380.html? spm = 2114.13010708.0.0.3a9933edBPMlf2 With them, the quadrics are a bit faster, the flight time is half a minute longer. Unfortunately, they do not quite fit the place of a standard battery and I had to break off the front wall of this slot. They also have a different connector, but they fit the connector on the quadcopter board.
Now impressions of the quadrocopter itself. Quadric is smart enough, I fly on the first expenses, sometimes on the second. On the third, flying through an average apartment is almost impossible. I consider the flight time acceptable for such a baby, and even with FPV. By the way, my racing quadric flies about the same. During operation, I have not changed a single motor, not a single propeller. But the frame got ... Traces of glue are visible in the photo, glued it many times, since it bursts with strong blows. And just had to change the canopy. One strong blow against the door jamb, smashed it to smithereens. The absence of an acro regime is annoying, but I will resolve this issue later. Here is the promised video from the drone’s camera. Disregard stripes and interference. This is how the DVR works with glasses. In fact, the picture is clear and without interference. youtu.be/gIowUyz8YIs
Well, according to tradition, a photo with a cat
Thank you all who read to the end, and I hope to see you again.