Mini counter. Just click

Hello everyone and good mood!
For the first time in many reviews, I had a difficulty in what category the goods should be attributed, a very strange and uncomplicated thing. I present a mini-overview of a mini counter of just about anything.
In fact, the ownership of the product is quite certain: “according to legend,” it is needed for counting, or loops, or rows when knitting - I am very far from this topic, so I won’t lie. BUT after all, any Muscovite understands that almostany thing may not be at all what it is trying to impersonate. So in this case - the counter can be used to count almost anything: cars, pedestrians, sheep (especially when you can’t fall asleep), aliens, the number of supernova births in the observable part of the universe per unit time, squirrels (although I think when squirrels appear, it's too late to count):

It can also be considered a “civilian” version of the lap / timer counter in the pool presented, not so long ago, by respected oleg3219 here:
In general, the thing is very specific: it may turn out to be very useful for certain tasks, and absolutely unnecessary and wallow around for many years. I ordered it without any specific purpose, on the basis of the principle “suddenly when it comes in handy” (again, the device is also “electronic” for that price :). In fact, thoughts came to mind when it would have been useful in the past: for example, when I counted the number of sandwich panels of different sizes for slopes for almost two dozen windows. Well, not the point ... The subject matter of the review:

For such a price, it’s naturally not worth expecting the quality of plastic, exquisite lines and an expensive faux leather with inlay ... there is still a vidok, but oddly enough it works properly.
The size:

The colors on sale are very different, but send at random:

It has two buttons: “+1” - large and “reset” - small and is worn on the finger, preferably of the right hand, because on the left it’s not convenient to press the small reset button:

Each press of the big button adds +1 “to the total score” from the last reset:

The reset button initiates the inclusion of all indicators:

That is, only five digits. According to my calculations, if I make, on average, two clicks per second, it will take me 50,000 seconds, or 833 minutes, or almost 14 hours to “snap” the counter by 0. The finger will fall off much faster ... but what in the end?

Let's look inside (the halves of the body hold only due to the friction of the plastic bushings):

Button stroke, soft, its design, as on a calculator.

Perhaps nothing more can be told about the “device” - everyone will decide whether he needs it or not

And on the last video of a similar clicker from Ben Affleck (be sure to look - the positive is provided, sorry for the quality - I could not find it better):

That's all.
PS: Commentators like "it wasn’t too lazy to write a review on such a crap trifle" - do not be boring and repair a sense of humor. I'm not lazy - I got positive and wanted to share it
Good to all !!!