Powerful and versatile travel adapter (4 USB 2.4A Port + Type-C) with EU / UK / US / AU plugs

Inexpensive and universal travel adapter EU / UK / US / AUS with 4xUSB (5.6A), Type-C which will be a reliable assistant in any journey.
Got for the test - I report.
So this is a new model. travel adapter for all occasions. Key parameters: four USB sockets for recharging gadgets, a separate port provides up to 2.4A (in total no more than 5.6A), There is a separate Type-C port, up to 3A.

There are retractable plugs for variousEU / UK / US / AUS standards, which will not leave you in a helpless position far from home. Insert the adapter into the "alien" outlet, and into it - your native plug. Or not native - the adapter allows you to connect the plugs of several standards, not only European.

It allows you to connect several consumers at once - which is very convenient when traveling.

Its “trick” is the presence of several types of forks at once that “hide” inside the case.

Input: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz 800mA
Total Output: 5V –5.6A MAX.
Single USB: 5V – 2.4A MAX.
Type-C port: 5V – 3A MAX.
Fuse Rating: 8A MAX.
Power: 880W at 110V; 1840W at 230V
There is a bag in the kit, convenient for transportation, the mass is small, the dimensions are slightly larger than a simple “tee”.

Came in a mail bag, inside a white cardboard box.

The case is very simple in quality

In the kit there is a detailed instruction

Once again about performance characteristics and about power.
1840W long-term (?) Power is declared, which corresponds to a current of up to 8A.

It is a fairly decent "cube" of black plastic.

At one end there are four USB sockets.

On the other side is one USB Type-C, and three plug sliders.

At the top there is a universal socket for connecting several types of plugs. Can be used for adapter "wonderful" plugs type CN / AU / US. It happens that you need to quickly connect and check.

On the other side is a button for locking the forks.
In order to fold the adapter back, you need to press this button.

So, we put forward the simplest, first in a row, EU plug.
Plus - it is long enough, suitable for recessed outlets.

We push the button, we push back (it is impossible to let out several adapters at the same time).
We put forward the following.
UK type, this is a wide plug with flat contacts.

The next type of US is American.

Little trick.
Flat contacts rotate along the axis, you can move them, you get the type AUS.

Flashing USB outputs.
Each port produces up to 2.4A as standard.
Type Tse up to 3A.
In total, everyone gives up to 5.6A

The device has a fuse (power) up to 8A.

It is hidden under the FUSE lid, there is a spare next to the holder. Well thought out.

It enters sockets without any problems.

Power plugs connect without problems too

You can use it as a temporary adapter for plugs not of our standard

Install without problems.

Checking USB outputs.
The adapter produces a slightly overestimated (within normal limits) voltage of 5.1V.

2.5A - limit value for one port

I install two loads of 3A (total about 6A)
He worked for about 15 minutes, heats up, but the voltage does not drop. The output there is more than 5.6A, but so much is stated.

At the same time, I connect the load to the Type-Ts output. The smartphone is charged with a current of 1.5A

Disconnect one load from USB (3A remains) and connect 3A to USB Type C output.
Voltage 4.97V, the adapter copes.

I connect the iron. Power is clearly more than 2kW, but the adapter copes. During short-term operation, the fuse did not have time to trip.

Video review from the product description

The adapter will be a convenient source of charging forthe whole "zoo" of gadgets when traveling, with 4 USB ports, and one Type-C will allow you not to be greedy and share energy with a neighbor. A universal outlet allows you to connect any device to the network. The adapter has protection (fusible insert) and is useful when traveling and on vacation. It is best to attend to the purchase of such in advance, before the trip. Locally, it will most likely be worse and more expensive.
Well, common sense must be present - throughThis adapter should not be connected with an electric kettle, iron, hairdryer or other powerful household appliances for a long time without supervision. I checked the operation of powerful devices for a short time, but it's still not worth the risk.
USB outputs work properly if the load is close to the limit, that is, noticeable heating. It’s hard to say how much this adapter will last in stress mode, just don’t leave it unattended.
Of the minuses, I note: there is no support for fast charging protocols.