Set of small drills

He got involved with the purpose of infrequent domestic use. Below are some details about this.
On the issue of delivery, no difficulties arose. True, the package was moving around the world without a track. The packaging is also adequate - even the smallest drills were delivered unscathed to me.
Number of sets is fully consistentdescription - each diameter of 10 pieces. Also, respect to the seller for sorting by individual bags. And minus for not signing. Since there is no marking on the drills themselves. From the word in general.

Several were selected for field trials.model objects according to the principle of the most frequently encountered in everyday life materials to be drilled. Namely: plastic (the front panel from the Soviet outlet), metal (copper 2 mm. A plate from a zashashnik) and a tree (five-layer birch plywood)

For the first test I used a drill of 1.5 mm. With plastic coped with a bang. Through hole in seconds.

After that he took copper. And almost immediately broke the drill. It is worth noting that the drilling was carried out with a cordless drill from the hands, without the use of any support holders or brackets. Apparently, the breakdown was apparently associated with fracture pressure, when the drill works, even at the slightest, but at an angle.

After the first failure, I decided to complicate (!) I decided to drill the hole with the thinnest drill from the set - a small unit (1 mm.). And everything went well. Acting more dexterously and accurately, the drill quite confidently made a hole in the copper plate.
(On the left on the collage, work is in progress. On the right is a photo of the result from the back)

In the process of drilling (I took a 3 mm drill) of plywood, I shot a short video. There are literally a few seconds, but to those who save traffic I can say that everything went well.
Although the veneer on the back still breaks out, especially if you press hard.

As a test for twisting, I tried to holddrill at start with pliers. And to start at the same time at the lowest possible speeds (the screwdriver adjuster easily allows you to do this). However, the idea was not successful - I could not repeat the result described in the famous video
where the drill spins in the opposite direction

However, it was possible to slightly close the lips of the pliers.

Well, break off part of the cutting edge of the drill.

In conclusion, I can say that I consider the kit suitable for infrequent domestic use for its intended purpose. And all the shortcomings revealed during testing are more than compensated by price and quantity.
You just need to be comfortable with the fact that drills are consumables. And of course, do not require the quality of a professional tool from a set for the price of 300 grams of cooked sausage.
ps Now goodbye. Be good!