Kits of 12 mops for cleaning cropped and full-frame matrices of digital cameras

Good day!
Today I will review digital camera cleaning kits.
I have two of them in stock - for APS-C matrices and for FullFrame.
The review, I hope, will be interesting not only to owners of SLR and mirrorless digital cameras with interchangeable lenses, but also to many other amateur photographers.
Sets came to me from the official manufacturer of cleaning products and accessories under their own brand - companies VSGO - "subsidiaries" of Shanghai Jieyong Technology, which in turn is OEM supplier of companies such as ASUS, Canon, Nikon and the like.
I can say in advance and briefly that I can safely recommend these sets for purchase for at least two reasons:
1. 12 single-use mops will last relatively (read - very) for a long time. Clean at least every month - just for a year!
2. The fluid in the kit and in composition does not differ from the untwisted Eclipse-a.
And now a little more in detail.
Due to the fact that cameras with interchangeablelenses, mirror and mirrorless, periodically undergo this very change of lenses, sooner or later, no matter how you try, they grab dust particles on the matrix. It is so useless to argue with that.
The result at first is not striking, but gradually begins to manifest itself. This is especially noticeable on the covered diaphragm.
Here is my personal example:

It is when these all kinds of dust boogers
1. Cleaning should be done in a pre-tidied room. Oddly enough
2. It is desirable to maintain a slightly increased humidity in the room air. This is necessary so that the particles of suspended dust (which is always in the air) are heavier and do not rise in the air.
3. Prepare the workplace so that everything you need is at hand, and unnecessary does not fall on hand.
Go back to the mops and start working!
Two sets - mops for sprinkled matrices - DDR-16 and fullframe - DDR-24

Each set is carefully packaged. On the boxes, in addition to a brief description (complete inside), QR codes are applied to go to the official website and even to contact support (!!!) through the popular messenger Wechat. Here's what's inside:
12 disposable mops in individual vacuum packaging, instructions in English, sealed bottle with cleaning fluid, wrapped in foil.

The packaging of each mop is provided with brief instructions for use.

Bubble with liquid for wetting the mops. Do not forget to unscrew the cap and remove the glued membrane before use.

Since my full-frame camera is now working in the mountains, I will “scoff” at the “cropped” one. In any case, the difference is only in the size of the mops. The cleaning procedure is no different.
We open and get

Dripping a couple drops of liquid on a mop

We take the camera and at an angle of about 60 degrees (as stated in the instructions, and repeated experience confirms), ONE !!! once from one edge of the matrix to the other.

We turn around and pass the other side of the mop in the opposite direction.

All. The procedure is completed. The mop needs to be thrown away.
We dress the lens, close the aperture (for exampleto F22) and click on some landscape from the window with a lot of sky in the frame. Enlarge the photo and look carefully. If (pah pah pah) dust is still observed, then we get another mop and repeat the procedure.
Usually enough once. It is necessary to “try” very hard in order to spoil the camera matrix “for 2-3 mops”
As I said above, set for FullFrame matrices are the same except for sizes.

Left - crop (width 16mm), Right - full (width 24mm):

Based on the foregoing, I can honestlyto say that although the kits were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer, “the game is still worth the candle” and I personally intend to continue to use them.
I wish all enthusiastic, clean matrices and glasses, as well as wonderful photos!