Drill heads for woodworking - the perfect buy on aliexpress for making choppers and drilling round holes

Good day. Today in the review, I will tell you about one useful device in the household. This is a hollow cutting nozzle on a drill for cutting wooden choppers, doubles.
I always liked wood as a material. If possible, I try to give her preference, instead of other materials, where possible. Unfortunately, I do not have a carpentry workshop, butbut there are few specialized tools. And whenever possible, this tool is constantly bribing. This review talks about one of them.
Once upon a time in one video, I saw how the master. making furniture, closes holes with fastener hats with wooden dowels. which he himself cut on another board. Then I really liked the idea, but did not meet anything like this either in the market or in stores. Time passed and I came across them on aliexpress.
I paid. Two weeks later I took it from the post office.
Nozzles came in the usual yellow bag.

We open

and consider

Sizes from larger to smaller.
Length: 52mm, 51mm, 50mm, 49mm.
Outer Diameter: 20mm, 18mm, 12mm, 10mm.
Cutting edge thickness - 2mm.
Inner Diameter: 16mm, 13mm, 8mm, 6mm.
The diameter of the leg that is inserted into the drill chuck is 6.5 mm.
Working depth 32 mm.
Nozzles made of carbon steel. The working part is covered with golden titanium nitride. Which of course is a plus.
I would describe the principle of work as follows: the nozzle cuts a groove in the form of a circle in the wood. The cylinder in the center is the target product.
From more to less.

Use will show during the manufacture of the shelf.
Actually the process itself.
We drill with a thin drill (optional) along the axis of the self-tapping screw.

We drill an 8mm drill a place for landing a self-tapping screw cap.

Screw the screw.

We hammer the expansion bolt shield.

And then we trim.

It is better to cut with a thin and sharp knife.
Here, as an example, the board is already painted, but there is no wooden plug. Good and chopiki and boards should be from the same batch of wood and should be processed at the same time.
Process video
The gap thickness is such that it allows you to easily insert the tip of a screwdriver or knife into the inside and break off the wooden cylinder. If the dowel remained in the nozzle, then it is easy to remove it by prying it with a knife or a screwdriver.
I decided to make a stand for storing nozzles, so that they would not get confused. It can be hung by the ear or put.
We draw a simple model.

We print.

On the spot.

By the way, the bar from which I cut the dowel came in handy. After a simple refinement, I adapted it for storing a hand tool.

I always regard the purchase of an instrument as investing in our capabilities. Therefore, satisfied. Price. quality - everyone is happy. In the near future I will apply in another project ...
ps At the request of readers, I cut a dowel along the wood fibers