Not all F3 are equally useful. Another fake MBS knife.

Another Chinese variation on the theme of knives known in narrow circles of immodest craftsmen.
Briefly: a beautiful, suitable knife. Cut the sausage with bread. BUT, not without flaws.
In the review there will not be any "tactical", "on your pocket", "EDC" and other nonsense.

It all started with a review of the DikiyMan comrade.
In the comments, I asked a modestly tart question, received an adequate answer, and became thoughtful. Summer is coming soon! A barbecue is nothing to cut. And wrap it all up ...
Both true Asian Enlans and Ganzo, as well as copies of any Miles
But F3 did not give rest. I decided nevertheless to see what the Chinese were offering for a little more than 1.5 thousand rubles. And now, after the standard 3 weeks, the white outside, the envelope in my hands is pimpled inside.
Kitagorov lies in a black box without identification marks, wrapped in a bag and covered with pieces of polystyrene foam (they didn’t get into the frame))

What the seller claims:
Total length: 215mm
Blade Length: 95 mm
Folded Length: 123 mm
Blade Material: 9Cr18Mov
Hardness: 58-60HRC
Surface: stain finished
Blade Thickness: 4.0 mm
Handle Material: Black / Blue and Black G10 (3d curved surface)
Packing: black gift box
Net Weight: 198g
As for steel, who knows, the rest is true. The weight is slightly higher.

A cursory examination revealed no obvious flaws. But what is it? Bolts are much smaller than the original. Sadness, especially since the product page is just such a variation, "where were my eyes?"))

Well, okay, let's continue the inspection. Hello again, there are no bonuses under the clip. You need to be more careful)

Otherwise, everything is worthy.Fixation in the open position is clear. It “sticks” with a fine-tuning brush, it is quite possible due to too thick grease in the bearings (a piece of which was removed from the liner before the photoset)
There are no backlashes. The blade is almost in the center, but amid the rest it is no longer surprising. Moreover, in the originals, which are much more expensive, this also occurs. And, most likely, it will be cured during disassembly.
But disassembly is yet to be done, the screws are tightened with all the Chinese soul, and even recessed into the overlay, so I couldn’t turn it off with a coin, as in some videos.
One more photo

Marking on the blade is applied with paint (?). But until the end it’s not erased,
The “tail” of the letter “r” in the photo below was scratched with another knife, but the paint was not removed until the metal was pure.

The knife is sharp enough. Paper cuts, shaves.
Holes were drilled in the liners to facilitate.
In general, I am satisfied with the purchase. A beautiful, gritty, sharp knife out of the box. Will take a worthy place in a backpack for outings.
The inaccuracy of the copy of the disorders does not cause, the more I got what was in the photo. I didn’t even like the lack of bonoks, I don’t plan to wear it in my pocket, and without them the clip doesn’t cut into my hand.
I wish you all successful and useful shopping.
UPD 23-04-15
Weight slightly higher than stated.

Mixing approx. 0.6mm. Yes, by eye. Unfortunately, no more accurate “device” was found on the farm.
UPD 29-04-15
I could not unscrew the axial one (I will grind the bits under a non-standard slot).
But when unscrewing the clips, I saw this
The thread of one of the bolts was torn off, and without further ado, it was crafted with glue.
Prod answered the question “what ???” with the standard “Diar friend, the supplier deceived me, I swear by my mom, I will take from another.”
So I can not recommend for purchase, it is better to look for other options. Or disassemble before confirmation, and receive refunds.