Small knife with overlays from G 10

Overview of a small knife with aliexpress. I bought it just as I liked the look, but the execution is certainly not without flaws ... It often happens.
A small introduction.
I wanted to buy a small, not folding, knife on Ali, with overhead mounting of the handle, with dies from G 10. I settled on this model to my taste. I liked the shape of the knife itself, the shape of the handle,blades, surface mounting of dies from G 10, the configuration of the plates and its non-cold appearance. Such a small, not frightening fatty-borovichok, you can say a toy knife. Bought for 738.97 p .. Now it’s a little expensive.
Of course I read the seller’s description - steel 440 C,it’s normal (I dealt with it before), 57 units are indicated for hardening, it’s also normal, although it may seem a little to some, in principle, everything was fine. Generally ordered and received after a while.
I came - everything seems to correspond to the photo, pictures and description of the seller. There is nothing to complain about. There is still an inscription on the knife, in the description the Chinese erase it.

Consider the knife in more detail. Attention! Some photos may have optical distortion - due to the close distance to the knife when shooting. The knife may seem larger.
The knife is heavy enough for its size - 121 gr., You do not expect such a weight from it.

In the hand it feels tightly knocked down. A sort of crowbar. In the photo in the left hand, as I photograph with my right. My hand is medium sized.

The shape really turned out to be very successful (I write to my taste) - the pads and the shape of the handle are made well, ergonomically, where you need to be rounded, where you need finger recesses.

It is very convenient to hold and work. Of course you have to give a discount on the size of the knife. It is not designed for long work because of the dimensions ... But nevertheless, I did not feel any unpleasant moments when working with it. There is an emphasis on the handle, which is a very good solution for a small knife with a small handle.

The blade, as you can see, is small and wide - but it is quite possible for them to work - to cut something, cut it, cut it ... etc.
Everything suited me here. Even a live knife turned out to be better than in the photo.
Some sizes of a knife: total length - 161 mm.

thickness - 3.6 mm.

handle length-91 mm.

pad length -95 mm.

blade length - 63 mm. If measured before the descent - 65 mm.

blade width 30 mm. in the widest part.
The sizes are slightly different from those indicated indescription of the seller by a few mm ..- maybe "walk" in the manufacture. Or maybe how to measure. I draw attention to the thickness of the knife - 3.6 mm ... Which is pretty decent for such a kid. Weight I measured 121 grams. The handle has a hole for the parracord.
This ends the positive part - the other begins.
I can’t check the steel grade. Hardening by homegrown methods is also difficult to accurately verify. I tried to scratch the glass jar from under the coffee; it doesn’t scratch if I press it very hard; there is a small scratch attempt - but the tip of the knife is jammed a bit; then I corrected it. I tried the knife with a small file, it touches a little. But this is not entirely indicative, and there are different files and there is no reference. Yes, and it shows plus or minus a kilometer. If you stick the tip of the knife strongly into the board, about 1 cm. And apply a large, strong, lateral force to break out, the tip of the knife bends a little, about 1 mm ... Then I did not try to break the knife or bend it completely did not enter my plans. This behavior of the knife with such a thickness and width was very surprising. By the reverse application of force, to the other side, he straightened it to a level state. This, of course, a little upset. I thought it would be tougher. Although, on the other hand, some plasticity may be better.
The knife has not the same descents and sharpening on both sides.

This is not uncommon in Chinesemanufacturers. The information is quite thick - 0.6 mm. Accordingly, sharpening is very bad, you can say "out of the box" it does not shave. It cuts paper very poorly on weight, wood planes mean- thickness affects. The same "Maestro" planes better - but it has a thinner blade, less information and sharpening is better ...

You will have to put a little hand on the knife in the review to sharpen it.
The scabbard, it’s clear that they are cheap, are made on the “strange” side — if you hang it under your right hand, the knife is pulled out with a reverse grip.

I admit that this was planned by Chinese friends for some purpose .. In the sheath, the knife sits quite tightly, inside them there is a thin plastic insert.

To fix the knife in the scabbard there is a sling with Velcro - Velcro practically does not work.

You also need to alter the Velcro or not use this sling.
For comparison and understanding of sizes - the well-known knife "Maestro" is nearby.

As seen in size is very close. When buying, I focused on the "Maestro".
Here is such a small knife.
Good or bad is up to everyone. I chose virtually as I could - I received it and showed it here. I was quite satisfied. Of course I would like a better grade of steel, hardening, even descents with finer mixing, good plastic sheath - but I'm afraid it will be a different price.
Why use it ... the eternal question - andwhy do you need a knife? Something to cut, cut, trim, open the package ... The other day, a tow rope, tightened with a knot, cut ... However, this can be done with any other knife.
Well, for the cat tradition.