A small tip for tea lovers

Hello! After the hero of my previous review, the type with the inscription TAETEA died a premature death, falling from the table, I had to think about buying a new teapot. Since I already managed to verify the quality of Kamjove teapots, a similar teapot was chosen, but only smaller.
The fall from the table had only one plus. I definitely made sure that the teapot is made of glass. Thick, durable, but still glass. When dropped or hit, the kettle beats. The capacity of 200 ml seemed to me quite sufficient for individual tea parties. Before that there were 500 and 350 ml teapots. The package arrived literally in a week. Mail is ePacket.

Reliable packaging, branded box.
The design is simple, a container for tea, a brewing tank, a strainer with a button. Brewed, leaked.
The top cap is not fixed, but simply placed on top.
This is both a plus and a minus. The brewing tank is more convenient to wash, but less convenient to pour tea. The lid must be kept. One strait gives us about 50 ml. tea. You can make 2-3 straits at once in one container, or pour tea after each strait.
The capacity of 200 ml is optimal for me personally. For puer and oolong the very thing. For red tea I would like more. But in the conditions of the economic crisis, the gain is in price. The kettle is excellent, just not to break it. Have a nice tea party!