Unusual Wi-Fi adapter for cameras. (Updated)

Hello dear Muscovites!
Today I present a review of a very unusual little thing, the existence of which I did not even suspect))
I present to you the Micro SD adapter with Wi-Fi!
Briefly about the review - It's definitely worth taking !!!
All the details under the cut)
I noticed this lot quite by chance on the open spaces of aliexpress.
After reading the instructions for him and realizing why he was needed, I decided to order)
So fired up with the idea of ​​owning such agizmos that didn’t even look at the seller’s rating. After payment, I remembered about this and was very scared) After all, his rating was almost zero. But as it turned out - I was worried in vain !!!
To begin with, what this product is intended for.
This product combines as a memory card,so is a small Wi-Fi transmitter. After installing a small MicroSD memory card in this adapter and installing it in the camera, when you turn on the latter, a Wi-Fi network is created. Next, we connect to it (network with a password of 88888888) and on any mobile device either go to the manufacturer’s website or after downloading a special program, we observe all the photos taken from the camera on the screen of your mobile device.
The package came just lightning fast) Just 11 days. At the moment, for me it is a record. The package itself is a yellow bag with a little bubble inside.

For lovers of tracking numbers

Together with the goods, there was a small postcard from the seller in the package) A trifle, but nice.

Product packaging was perfect. Nothing wrinkled anywhere. The packaging is made in the style of a book. There is enough cardboard on top, and plastic inside.

There are 3 QR codes on the back side. 1 to the support site and 2 to applications in GooglePlay and the AppStore. I checked only one - AppStore, since I don’t have any Android devices at home) The code is working, although the application is available only to users of the Chinese AppStore. But this does not matter) I found a very convenient application in the Russian AppStore, but about it a little later)
The package is simple:
1. The adapter itself
2. Packing
3. Instructions in Chinese and English

In principle, the instruction is simple. The only point is that the first time I connected to a Wi-Fi network, my device required a network password. And only after that I got to study the instruction (for especially lazy, not reading instructions - Password: 88888888).

Close-up photo of instructions

As I said, I found the application in the Russian AppStore. It's called ez Share HD

Quite an interesting and beautiful application. No glitches were noticed.

I will not describe all the features of this application. I will dwell on the most important thing - viewing the photo.
And to do this, just click on Card Album, after which you can see all your photos.

In order to examine the photo in detail, you just need to click on it, after which it will sink. The loading indicator is large.

This product can be classified as Must Havepeople who often take pictures and do not like to waste time transferring photos to a computer. Personally, I really liked this adapter and I absolutely do not regret the money spent on it!
I advise everyone!

Well, according to tradition