Neoprene lens case

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One of my hobbies is photography. I think many people are familiar with the problem of transporting the second object.
A budget solution to this problem, a review of the case, and personal impressions under the cut.
I spend a lot of time on short trips in which carrying a photo bag with me is not practical. It's easier to take a camera, throw it in a backpack with other things and rush in the right direction.
I have enough bags for junk, but the solution for transporting the camera also became a neoprene wardrobe trunk, the functionality of which I am quite pleased with.

My camera is simple - Nikon D3200, and twolens to it, 35mm 1.8 and 18-105mm kit. One is usually on camera and in a backpack, while the second is sitting at home. To transport the second lens, I also decided to try a neoprene wardrobe trunk.

The size I ordered was L, and it cost me $ 2.03. According to the seller 180h90mm, in fact 180h87mm approximately. Photo near 18-105, according to the manufacturer - without a 76x89mm hood.

The diameter of the lens without a lens hood went perfectly, but with a lens hood (85 mm in diameter) - end-to-end (there are 2-3 mm of a mets if pulled away). But - usable!

The case itself is sewn very well. On the one hand there is a belt loop and a hinged carabiner, for those who like to wear this thing on their belts (I myself am not familiar with these). The puff is also quality made of good plastic, with a high-quality lace, but it does not tighten tightly, because the neoprene is very voluminous. He doesn’t let water pass, which really struck me. Put under the tap, under normal pressure of water. Even the seams did not leak, so that, as protection from dirt and water, it will do.

As a conclusion, I want to say that the thing is veryuseful, and inexpensive. Allows you to take 2 lenses with you on a trip, on nature, etc. For example, portraiture and macro - to take pictures of children, and to take insects (if in nature), or zoom and fast aperture - to shoot indoors, and to take just “hiking” photos in the city (in the case of a tour trip, not a busy business trip).
Thanks for reading. Good luck to everyone, a successful week, and good mood.
Photo of the wrong side, I'm sorry that from the phone:

With seams everything seems to be okay.