Nice fold

Here is the mini-reviewer of the second knife, which, in my opinion, is much more successful than the first, but their purpose is, nevertheless, a little different.
Folding, small. Workmanship, in my opinion, is excellent for the money. There are no backlashes from the box, it is completely metal, the blade retainer works clearly. Out of the box, calmly weighs paper.
after some use, the black coating from the bracket for attaching to the belt began to fade slightly.
I immediately had the same, only a little differentcolor, dark brown, there, as it seemed to me, the workmanship was a little higher. But he was qualitatively lost, and therefore ordered the second one.
A non-invasive box came in a standard yellow envelope wrapped in a bubble wrap.
The first impression is "Wow, but in real life it is much better than expected." It looks pretty good.
Incidentally, the blade, again, sharp, but enoughfragile, tried to fool a bolt foolishly one - made a small chip. This indicates a sufficiently high hardness of steel. I have not tried sharpening yet, but there is still enough factory grinding for my undemanding needs.
Compared to the first knife - sausage it will not be so convenient for them to cut in nature, the blade is shorter, but in general and in general the performance is the best.
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Do not kick for pictures, fotkal on slippers with flash, time is mute)
Since the product is not available under my link