Dog clothes

We have a Chinese crested little girl, she doesn’t haveundercoat, and some of our breed have no hair at all! Winter is a terrible time for her. And so we bought the little jackets for the cold =) Of course, they will not stand -20, but in the fall and spring they are just for Lilashka!
In the review there are 2 jackets from one seller, I do not want to produce a lot of monotonous reviews.

About the pink jacket:
3 rivets on the tummy, strong rivets will not break,
the material is nice but touch
everything is sewn with high quality, smooth seams, not a single thread sticks out,
really liked the fur around the hood, it looks good.
although it’s bologna, it’s getting wet,
if you wear a collar with a leash then you will not use the hood (there is no special hole for the leash).
Well basically 5 pink trigger.

About Orange (go to the store):
soft, pile fabric, well sewn,
color is saturated and positive,
the hood is just lovely, the ears are wonderful. Children react to this suit very well =) once a little girl screamed BROWN! =)))))
strong rivets,
although the borders are processed with white fur and the jacket looks warm, but it’s not so. THIN
and again there is no hole for the leash.
In general, the jacket is good and I put her 5.