Great car device UGREEN 24W

Hello dear users of the site. Today I want to tell you about a car charger for 2 ports from the famous company UGREEN. UGREEN is a well-known Chinese brand specializing in the production of high-quality chargers and cables and various accessories at excellent prices, and on the day of the big sale on 11.11, products of this company can be purchased even cheaper. Anyone interested in the details I ask for cat.

Packing and packaging
The charger is supplied in a beautiful cardboard box, on the front, which shows the charger, and on the reverse technical specifications.
Dimensions: 77 * 77 * 25mm
Production Materials: Metal
Input Voltage: 12-24V
Output: 5V 2.4A * 2 (total 4.8A 24W)

Design and materials
The charger is made entirely ofmetal, a choice of gold and silver. The dimensions of the memory are 28.5mm wide and 76mm long. The contacts are made of mirror metal and have hard springs for better fixation in the cigarette lighter socket. On the back there are 2 ports for charging devices and a blue charging indicator. The indicator is not intrusive in the eye does not rush.

Initially, the charger did not fit my cigarette lighter,since the positive contact of the charger did not reach the cigarette lighter contact. Therefore, pay attention to the size of the memory. In the beginning, I solved the problem by unscrewing the positive contact. Now the charger is operated with a tee without any problems. I decided to show this point in more detail in the video review.

Memory testing
I tested the memory with load resistances, a Mantistek tester, KCX-017 with an input voltage of 24V.
The voltage without load on both ports is 5.12V.

Next, I load both ports and the testers show thatwith a load of 2.3A on the first port and 1.77A on the second, the voltage remains at 4.94-5.09V. If you slightly increase the load, the voltage drops to 4.66 and 4.85V.

UGREEN has once again made an excellent compactcar charger. The all-metal case, nice design and 2 charging ports make this memory one of the best in terms of price and quality.
- Design
- Materials of manufacture
- Compliance with the declared characteristics
- 2 ports
- Compactness
- Slightly not reached 24W
Video review:

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