Five-driver reinforcing KZ KZ10 earphones

Hello dear readers. Not so long ago I was considering the first reinforcing headphones from KZ (KZ AS10), now I will consider the second - KZ BA10. Headphones are controversial, the body is strange and uncomfortable in shape.
Some information about the BA10: the manufacturer uses 5 reinforcing radiators, abandoning dynamic ones. Therefore, the headphones can not be called hybrid, they are completely reinforcing. A total of 10 emitters (5 in each earphone). Knowledge Zenith is gradually reaching a new level, my opinion is that the AS10 and BA10 cannot be compared with models such as ZST, ZS4, ZSR. The difference in sound quality is palpable.

Characteristics: braided cable: 120 centimeters (removable, 2pin connector 0.75 mm)
there is a version without a microphone or with a microphone (you need to pay extra)
resistance: 14 ohms
Headphone sensitivity: 105db / mW
frequency range: 20 Hz - 40 kHz
metal cases in two colors to choose from (red / black, red / golden)
5 reinforcing radiators in each earpiece (radiators with balanced armature: 22955 + 29689 + 2 x 30095 + 31005)
I did not have to choose a color for a long time, there are only two of them:

According to the emitters: 22955 (one, responsible for the low frequencies), 29689 (one, responsible for the middle frequencies), 30095 (two, responsible for the high frequencies), 31005 (one, responsible for the high and middle frequencies).
And so it all looks in the picture:

Box.Here KZ did not begin to change anything, the box remained the same. There is nothing so special about her. Inexpensive models from Blitzwolf also come in a cardboard box, which is no worse. The company logo “KZ” is applied, the cardboard is dense, the design is simple, however minimalism.

On the side there are two stickers, some contactdata, color indicated, with or without microphone, in general, I have not seen anything new here. This time there were no characteristics, so I put them into the description and tried to saturate.
I open, inside I see the cases on the substrate (the left and right earphones are even marked), below is a metal insert and a ribbon for extraction:

The insert here is for beauty, taken out:

Fully retrievable, made apparently for a show off cheap :)

Cases can be removed from the opposite side, if suddenly someone is afraid to scratch:

Complete set. Under the substrate below was the documentation: certificate, manual, warranty card.

Standard KZ-shny nozzles with notches, small and large:

Standard good old braided cable:

If you pay, you can get a version with an additional cable (silver-plated cable):

This cable comes in a separate box:

Regarding the woven standard cable, I remove the information under the spoiler, since I have already talked about it a hundred times.
Additional Information

The second cable weighs 9.4 grams:

The cable is normal, it is thinner and lighter, does not get tangled and does not remember the shape.

Translucent plug, L-shaped:


Zaushina with memory effect (core).

The connection is tight, reliable, in general, you can use both wires, at your discretion.

You can connect a bluetooth cable (module).
The TRN BT3 cable is also suitable, you can find it on Aliexpress.
Appearance.Call it what you want - square, rectangular. The essence does not change, the cases are massive and uncomfortable. Owners of small ears immediately close the review, owners of large ears can also not relax, it is not a fact that these headphones will normally sit down for such people. Aluminum cases, build quality is good, everything is tailored to the highest level.

On the back, we have 3 slots for the metal grill, as well as a decorative ledge with L-R marking. The 2Pin socket protrudes slightly to the side, and the lower cut is made at an angle:

On the side there is an application: 5 unit Pure BA, which means the presence of 5 reinforcing radiators:

The 2pin connector is red, it is installed securely, the connection to the cable is stable, there is always sound. All photos from the review are clickable.

The coating is so-so, already in one place the paint peeled off:

The sound guide is slightly elongated and it is at an angle:

There is a small ledge, ear pads sit reliably and confidently:

Protective mesh made of metal, it is slightly recessed:

Further I think it is worth measuring:
The diameter of the sound guide is 6 millimeters:

If you try to measure in height, it turns out 21.5 mm:

If measured with a protrusion under the 2pin connector: 16.5:

If without a protrusion (slightly lower), you get 14.7 mm.
Well, like this: 10.8 mm.

For clarity, I compare with other headphones: Senfer DT8, KZ BA10, BQEYZ BQ3, TRN V80:

Output: large and non-standard cases, for an amateur. Comfortable wearing and fit is in question. I repeat the build quality - excellent, assembled efficiently, glued firmly, and there are no seams and burrs.
They sit in the ears when how. If you deliberately push them deeper - it’s still nothing, but in my case after a while they begin to shift and fly out. Replacing the cable (with a cable with a soft earpiece without a rod) does not help.

Noise isolation in my case is below average. The nozzles were tried the most different, with Comply foam - it’s even worse, the cases in this case generally hang from the ears, and are held only by the foam.
Earphone weight: 6.2g:

Sound. Graphs of the frequency response, which were found:
Additional Information

BA10 is very loud, accounted for noticeably solower the volume, on all my players and on the table processor I turn down the volume. Also, with these headphones, the noise level may slightly increase. But it all depends on the source, the noise became more noticeable on the Daart Canary DAC and on the xDuoo X3-2 player. There is almost no noise on the Creative X-FI card.
The source was: xDuoo X3-2, Shanling M0, Walnut V2 players. USB DAC: Daart Canary and Creative X-FI HD Card.
Compared to AS10, BA10 is slightly differentby sound. Sound - I won’t say that I am delighted, but I won’t criticize these headphones either. Sounds ok for the price. Bass stands out, treble stands out, I can’t call the pitch even, rather closer to the V-shaped.
If we talk about a comparison with AS10, IMHO, BA10 a littlemore comfortable on the HF (upper middle), this sound is closer to me, close to my ideal. Since the upper averages are pressed a little, here the bass seems to be deeper, although this is not entirely true. Just now there is no counterbalance in the face of the upper averages. If you choose one of them, I choose BA10, and the point here is not the sound quality (as for me the quality has not increased here), it's more about the sound setting.
It's the same story, surprisingly there is bass tooeven a little accented. The bass on the pitch is similar to that in KZ ZS10. Yes, it’s smaller in number (average amount), a little dry, not the most massive and deep, but still it is.
LFs have good attenuation. In general, headphones, so to speak, sound “technical”, and low frequencies contribute to this in many ways. In electronic genres, LFs are confident, in heavy music, in classics - they have good separation and intelligibility. There is no super deep and powerful bass here, I would not recommend BA10 to the bassheads. But at the same time, boring BA10 can not be called. I didn’t say anything new, I just quoted myself, I didn’t hear any big changes on the bass.
Great midrange, good resolution anddetailing. A sufficiently wide and voluminous scene, a warm and pleasant transfer of vocals. The peak in the upper averages already does not seem so noticeable, for me this is definitely a plus.
High stand out, maybe not so noticeable bycompared to the AS10s, but still raised. Fans of comfortable sounding, I do not recommend these headphones for purchase. The tops are bright, moderately detailed. If you take ZS10 for comparison, it’s better, AS10 - plus or minus one level.
Further along the filling.
The same metal grill / mesh, the lid is held on glue, as well as on special mounts.

But there is not much glue.

Inside, of course, there is a crossover.

The 2pin connector is fixed so-so, but does not move back and forth, as it is pressed by the cover + it is in a special compartment.

Crossover Shawl:

As for the quality of soldering and the reliability of the joints, well, that’s for yourself.

The emitters themselves are filled with glue, placed closer to the sound guide. here is one of:

Output: good headphones, but I don’t hear any improvements in sound. They’re just set up differently, for someone this moment will be a plus, for someone a minus. And so, the price tag is 2 times higher, and the cases are debatable, is it worth paying for such a pleasure? Perhaps not worth it. Thanks for your attention.
A discount:
Additional Information

I didn’t personally get the discount, just not everything is in the subject, almost any product can be purchased at a discount in this (and not only) store.