Platform 200PL-14 for tripod heads Manfrotto, the case when cheap does not mean bad

  • Price: $ 3.3, took for $ 3.35. (And life is getting cheaper, and wealth is growing).
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The review will be of interest to the lucky owners of Italian tripod heads, whose name (heads, not tripods) ends in RC, RC2.
I have a 486RC2 head, respectively, one platform for it, and the camera has two (even three). Signature site costs 23 bucks. Not that I don’t have them ...
I decided to fumble with the Chinese and found. Several options, even with pearl buttons with cork instead of rubber, as in the original.
The package went on for about three weeks, overtaking anycrap ordered on Black Friday. But, as it was packed, I will not say, I will leave food for fantasy. The dimensions and geometry of the Chinese are exactly the same as those of the Italian - they didn’t measure, did not photograph measurements, just put them on.

Head, Italian playground, Chinese playground.
The Chinese woman got up like a native:

Weighed (a photo of my scales is in anotherreview) - Italian 39 grams, Chinese 68. Interesting. Magnetic resonance research applying a magnet to different parts of the site showed: the case - aluminum alloy for both, the screw - steel anodized for both, the bracket for Italians - galvanized steel (magnetized), the Chinese have stainless steel. The Chinese have a thicker rubber pad and more metal under it. Apparently copied by a Chinese micrometer. The workmanship is the same, the hem on the rubber gasket is different.

One possible use:

-Price-quality ratio
- Weight 29 grams more than the original
-Moral suffering caused by possession of a counterfeit item
The conclusion is to take it unambiguously and without hesitation, if there is anything to insert.
Bonus:“New high quality release!” for $ 2.56. No holes, screw - brass, easy casting. It will not affect driving performance (although, maybe, there are cameras with pins sticking out from the bottom - I didn’t see it), but in my case the perfectionist defeated the toad.