Belt bag for lens

Hello, dear peepers!
The review will be devoted to a waist bag for lenses.
To start the prelude.
I mainly shoot reports. For transportation of photographic equipment, I have a shoulder bag and a backpack. This and that is good for the street. But when you work indoors, and even a lot of people, it is not always convenient to move between people with a bag, and even more so with a backpack. You hurt people, spoil gentlemen’s jackets, wash ladies toilets ...
Therefore, it was decided to purchase a pouch onwaist belt (there is still a cartridge pouch on the waist belt, but in my case the latter was not included in the kit). There are 6 sizes of bags on the Chinese market, but the sizes of both internal and external differ from one manufacturer to another. Of course, not much, but somehow I will not classify these sizes. Not all sellers have an entire range in stock. Basically, the color of all bags is black, but recently they began to appear with inserts from materials of other colors, with labels, etc.
When choosing the size, I proceeded from the followingconsiderations. In the room, I photograph either at a wide angle or at a portrait portrait of 50 / 1.4. Or on staff 15-85. On TV - almost never. Since I’m buying for the first time and don’t know if it will be convenient for me to use it, I decided not to chase the high cost, to buy it at a low price. Found this seller. He offered 3 sizes. I chose the second.
The package arrived in 23 days, including New Yearthe holidays. It was packed in a bubble envelope. The bag itself was in a plastic bag. She came in a “squeezed” state; there were no lumps of paper inside to keep the shape. Everything came safe and sound. After unpacking, it quickly straightened out and regained shape.

Sizes claimed by seller:
- size: FY-2;
- outer dimensions: 16 * 11 cm (L * D)
- internal dimensions: 13 * 8.5 cm (L * D)
Real measurements (only internal, external are not important for me)
- the height is about 12.5 cm, with an interference fit you can give 13. But the diameter can not be considered as a diameter at all: the wall adjacent to the belt is made flat (about a quarter of the circumference). The remaining three quarters are a circle. I got a cross section of 7.5 * 6.5 cm. Roughly speaking, the diameter is 7 cm. There are no 8.5 cm here.
The wall thickness is about 1 cm, the walls are dense. The material looks and feels the same of which all photo bags and photo backpacks are made. but the inner material is smooth, not rough. To it it is impossible to stick separators on "flypapers", as in the same photo bags. The seams are high-quality, the threads do not stick out, everything is sewn evenly, without distortions. There are two zippers, they are comfortable, equipped with a kind of "extension cords" on the ropes with tips. There are two wide, but short loops around the edges of the zipper, I don’t know why! Very convenient - the cover is fixed in the open position, if it is slightly bent back. The bag is attached to the belt with a wide double Velcro closure. Its width is 5 cm, the height of the formed slot is 6 cm. In my opinion, you can fix it anywhere!
We begin to try on lenses. The smallest lens is the Canon EF 50 mm f / 1.4 USM. He climbed easily, there is little space left around the edges. There is 5.5 cm of free space above.
Next is the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f / 4.5-5.6 IS STM. He also climbed normally, does not hang out, 3 cm remained from above.
Third came the Canon EF-S 15-85mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS USM. Climbed very tightly, to the limit. But because of the ultra-smooth inner material, it is quite easy to fit and take out. Top 2 cm left.
In principle, the capacity test is passed, all thatI wanted to fit. But I’ll say right away - 15-85 with a hood will definitely not fit. The other two may fit in if you put the hood on top (and not inside) due to the presence of free space above the lenses. Unfortunately, I do not have these blends, I can’t check.
I also checked with the YongNuo YN-500EX flash (in size an analog of the Canon Speedlite 430EX). Can be worn with the lid open if it doesn’t fall out when tilting. But not worth it.
And here is the telephoto: Obviously the bag is not for a TV set !!!
Now the photo is on me. (As users of this resource require!). To start on the belt:
And now on the Lowepro Flipside 400 AW backpack:
Testing "in the field" has not yet been conducted. but I don’t think anything will come to light. I used to put a lens in my pocket in my trouser pocket, it should be more convenient with a pouch.
So, the conclusions:
- Only a little seller lied with the sizes.
- because the bag fulfills its functions, everything that I wanted fits together, then the bag itself is a plus. And I will not reduce the number of stars sold.
Thanks to all.