Simple lenses for the phone

On the occasion of the sale on Ali 11.11. I ordered such lenses for the new THL 5000. I didn’t expect anything from them, I took it on to play. Especially with a $ 4 coupon, the actual value of the order came out to 75 cents. You can say they got me for nothing.
The whole thing comes in a small paper box, inside 3 lenses: fish, shirik, macro and microfiber bag.

At first I didn’t understand why there were only 2 lenses in the box, but then I guessed that the macro part is wide and you just need to unscrew it.

Below are sample photos

Macro (small text and camera screen)

Should I take them? If only for a nominal fee, even the current 5 bucks, in my opinion, they are not worth it. Toy and no more. Is that even more macro.