Reversible adapter for Nikon or Changeling.

Hello. An overview of macro photography devices or how to make a macro lens for twenty rupees.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove smallsubject close-up. But if you have a SLR or another camera with interchangeable lenses, it’s not so easy to take a macro ... You need to have a special macro lens, which is very expensive. You can buy a set of adapter rings with supportElectronics is just expensive. You can buy cheap rings, but to use them you need a manual lens, and if it is domestic, you also need an adapter. There are still mounted lenses, again for cheap good optics you can’t buy. And here remains such a simple accessory, a reversible adapter.

On the one hand, he has a thread under the filter. The size can be found on the lens.

Mount on the other hand.
The device is screwed to the lens from the side of the filter

and the lens is mounted with a bayonet on the camera backwards.

I have a Nikkor 1.8 with a thread for the 52 filter, the same thread for Helios (Zenit staffer).
Therefore, no difference, the main thing is to be manualdiaphragm. The sharpness setting in this position of the lens does not work, so you need to move the camera or the subject. In this case, the camera should be 15 inches from the subject.
Below are a few shots. there was no proper lighting, illuminated by a flashlight.

As you can see, the works of human hands, even with a small increase, look unpresentable.
Whether it is a work of nature.
Sunflower seed

Leaf with spines similar to claws.

Below we compare the full crop with a normally located lens and inverted.

That’s all for me. Thanks for attention