Rollerball Pen Picasso 903

100,500 times in a row I complain to the site administrationabout the lack of the category "office" in the catalog of goods. But no matter what, I continue to write about fountain pens. And so, today Picasso 903rd model in the roller version. For the sloths, as always, looking ahead, I’ll say that the thing is worth attention, and I ask all the curious to go under the details.
I’ll say right away that there will be no photos of the package,because the pen was delivered along with its many brothers in the assembly package. But the fact that everything was packed was soundly and neatly, I must voice. But the case (though simple) I still offer to admire: it is a cardboard box of black-white-yellow-red tones ~ 4x9x19 cm.

On one of the ends of the box there is a sticker with a bar code and a hologram, and on the other the model is indicated by hand with a marker, apparently, to make it easier to search in the warehouse.

It is also possible to verify the authenticityproducts using the special code indicated on the sticker under the valve. In one of my previous reviews, I already described in detail this simple algorithm, so it slipped by; just a photo.

The chest itself is made of thicker cardboard (~4mm.) And has a hinged lid with a magnetic valve. The interior of the case is not rich, but not meager. The pockets under the lid are stuffed with printing, and the heroine of the review is fastened with a clip on a nice substrate a la “crumpled curtain”.

So, the handle is medium in size. This can be estimated from the photo. But here is the design, the design is far from average. The contours of the body profile are elegant - there is no strict geometry, which is visually complemented by elaborate inserts at the end and cap.

Tactile influenza and body are the same, have finely(with finely) a rough structure, but there is a slight difference in color: the case resembles e-mmm nail polish with sparkles, and the flu is finer.

An interesting design feature is alsois a lengthening of the writing sting. When writing, I did not notice any amenities or discomfort because of this, but I paid attention immediately - it looks very unusual. And here is the transverse bead to the place; It is not only a hook for the cap, but also an emphasis for the fingers.

The same hook is located on the mating / end part of the housing. Therefore, the cap sits on its regular places clearly, firmly and with a characteristic click.

The round patching on the top of the cap is made of the same material as the body.

Stamped clip base and ringbases crowned with company logo images. There are no complaints about the performance of these elements, and the product as a whole. Numerous articulations of various materials are made without overlays and gaps.

The handle body is collapsible on the thread. Its step is rather small, for unscrewing it is necessary to make about 7-8 revolutions.

As a writing unit, the standardroller core with black ink. I draw your attention to the fact that the rod is tightly screwed into the flu. Be careful when buying consumables!

The ink color is saturated, the writing process is easy -due to lower viscosity (compared to sticks filled with paste). And with sharp strokes, you can even hear the pleasant metallic grinding of the ball on the body.
I forgot to indicate in the preamble that the game with distribution + continues. Here is a test sample of the letter and the first commentator to indicate the author of the lines will receive karma plus.

Well, to complete the picture - a keychain i.e. a penny piece of plastic on a lace - it is made galimo and generally does not add positive emotions. Although, since there is one, I am not entitled to ignore this fact.

I say goodbye to sim. All good; write correctly, write beautifully! And not like me)