Rollerball pen Baoer 702 a la parquet (9 of 42)

At the time of its legal inaction (Otupsk)I will try to be more obligatory and write regularly. Today I acquaint the general public with the Baoer 702 Burgundy roller pen or simply “wood-like”
And so, the pen is squat, but not thick. It looks solid, despite the numerous plastic-metal joints along the length of the case. The imitation of the pattern of the wooden structure is a little implausible and exaggerated, but this simplicity does not spoil the general overview impression.

The clip cap is molded and very resilient; without fearto break a nail I managed to bend it only 1 mm. I am sure that lovers of carrying a pen in his pocket will like his clamping ability. The cap, by the way, also sits on the flu very confidently and with a characteristic click.

Tactile pen body is smooth, structurally -gloss; the only successful exception to this thesis is plastic flu, which, moreover, is very comfortable in the hand due to its concave shape and circular collar at the base of the tip.

IMHO, of course, but I think the pen is pretty nice (or maybe the classic black models just got tired). One way or another, here is another panoramic view in a fighting position without a cap.

With the letter, everything is quite prosaic - setBaoer standard roller core with black ink, which structurally does not rest against the back of the case, but is shock-absorbed by a spring. Its short course is approx. 1-1.5 mm. and it’s quite elastic. In other words, such a design doesn’t interfere with idiots like me, but helps calligraphers, because it allows (to a certain extent) to vary the thickness of the ink trace.

Although the design is prosaic, according to the established tradition, poetic lines will appear as a trial text. And, of course, the Muscovite reader who was the first to indicate the author of these lines will receive + karma.

Let's sum up:
+ strong clip and cap lock
+ numerous plastic / metal joints on the body are made to last - without gaps or traces of glue
+ a small wow-effect, well, or certainly “let me see” is guaranteed
± saturated ink color
± as well as ease and quality of writing
I can’t attribute the pens directly to the penbecause they belong to the core. A quality branded Baoer is installed properly, and then, as they say, as you name the yacht ... i.e. which core you install, you will have such quality of writing.
- whatever one may say, the drawings of the wooden structure on the cap and body of the handle do not match. Of course, I did not hope, but it would be great. Such a coincidence would add solidity.
p.s. Good to all!