Rollerball pen Kaigelu 352 or meet Kangaroo!

Greetings, dear friends! In one of my previous posts, I brazenly boasted of acquiring several Kaigelu pens. As you can see, enough time has already passed since the purchase to squeeze them, so it’s not a sin to introduce you to this.
Briefly: the Australian designer is not in vain eating his daily rice. The rest is under the cut, and of course we continue the game)
The case of the fountain pen is black, glossy with a gilded finish of small elements. The handle is small, neat.

On one of the sides of the cap all the same goldthe brand image (a pretty cute kangaroo) is stamped on the gloss, as well as the company name and model number - Kaigelu 352. The inscription is made, as if in the depth of the gloss, to the touch is not palpable and does not scratch with a fingernail.

The clip is stamped, moderately elastic; visually framed by two hoops and in my opinion fits into the overall composition of the exterior quite successfully.

The top of the cap ...

... as well as the butt of the hull

crowned with gilded rivets. I do not want to impose my opinion, but the combination of black gloss and gilded metal is appropriate, successful and even somewhat aggressive.
But under the cap, oddly enough, we findaluminum adonded flu with a transverse groove in the upper quarter, which, not only by its color but also by its structure (matte / rough), acts, in some way, as a counterweight to the main composition.

On the back of the flu we find all the samekangaroo, but here is already more detailed drawn: you can even see that this is a female with a cub in a bag. Although the lines of the picture are not so clearly drawn as we would like. If you look closely, you get some impression of blur.

The housing is threaded, so unscrew it whenlabor will not be necessary. The guts are also quite trivial: an ink rod (0.5) mounted on a spring shock absorber is used as a writing unit.

Photo session of the rod

There are no complaints about the quality of the letter; everything is standard: the ball glides over the paper with a characteristic metallic creaking, because ink is less viscous than paste. And the color is more saturated, closer to the gel pen, though not so brilliant.
The test bench for field tests wasMy desk and a sheet of paper But the text I peeped at a famous poet and that of you, dear friends, who guess the name of the author will receive a nice bonus from me (+)

And so, in the bottom line, we have a pretty andan unusual pen with excellent workmanship and materials used and impeccable writing quality. With a fly in the ointment, I can emphasize not the best logo color on the flu and possible difficulties in acquiring consumables in off-line stores. Although you don’t pay much attention to the first, the second for the online shopaholic community is not a problem at all.

ps Good to all!