Pens. Feathers. Two trunks ... Baoer 521

Hello dear readers. I continue to disassemble a boxmentioned in a previous review.
At this time, Baoer 521. Briefly: the quality of writing and external performance on top. And follow the details further ...
In the description on seller page black in English indicates "or": either a scooter or a feather. And since I took a couple as a gift, I ordered “and”: both.
Lyrical digression

There are no external differences between the roller and the pen. Both are made of metal with chrome inserts. All small exterior details are clearly fitted to each other. Nothing to complain about.

The cylindrical, glossy case at the end has convex art inserts made of black plastic.

From the side of the cap, on the contrary: chrome pimple). The cap is removed / put on with a confident pulling movement until it clicks.

The clip has a technological slot for elasticity and a rounded tip for convenient use.

The body of each of the handles is collapsible, on a metal-metal thread. When c- / unscrewing, a metallic rattle is heard. (Not annoying. The sound is pleasant, but unusual for a fountain pen O_o)

Grip, both in the roller and in the pen, is made of matte plastic. In the hand does not slip even with a long letter.

The writing unit of the roller is a cone with a diametrical groove in the middle. Functionally, this does not matter. Just a design by a Chinese designer.

Ink has a bright saturated color. When writing passes and other complaints were not noticed.

Line thickness declared 0.7 mm Subjectively, this is so. Although such information is not indicated on the tag of the web. Anyway, for me it remains a secret what is indicated there ...

The pen, in this regard, turned out to be no less mysterious. Since information on the thickness of the line left by him can be obtained only from the prosaic “M pen tip” description from the seller’s page.

Although it is executed quite nicely: open in type, gilded and engraved with the brand.

The pen is equipped with a ballpoint convertera lipstick-based valve — to refill ink, you need to twist the tail-handle, which is connected to the piston by means of a screw and transfers reciprocating motion to it (in short, it’s more difficult to explain than to understand. And stock up on a couple of napkins so as not to get dirty, a drop of ink remains on the neck of the converter)
Threaded cylinder:

Converter tail handle (with the same obscure sticker; I suspect it is licensed)

Filled with penny ink "Rainbow-2" from the company"Gamma". In my opinion, they are not coal-black, but ash-black. Slightly faded, but this essentially does not apply to the pen. There are no complaints about his writing abilities: the ink trail leaves a smooth, responsive response to pressure, the blot does not sit down.

Let's sum up:
+ Metal case.
+ Excellent writing qualities.
+ Perfect for a gift, especially in the previous review of the velvet case.
+ The pen is easy to refill.
± It may be difficult to purchase an off-line roller shaft
± No ink for pen included
- No obvious
P.S. All beaver!