Ballpoint pen novice african developer

- Boy, can I ask you for a ballpoint pen?
- It's easy! Ball, give Uncle a paw!
Reviews of tactical pens andthey excited the mind with their capabilities and, frankly, worthlessness in everyday life. Also an important contribution in the reviews of such a simple accessory as a pen is provided by the Mikeoff website multiplier.
Usually to express or indicate yourprofessional accessories use various accessories: IT-related ones usually have unusual flash drives and their workplace is decorated with mugs with annual rings of coffee traces and drawings from the family of flightless seabirds, plumbers trump with unmeasured gas keys, the minibus driver can be recognized by the heavy keychain with a keyring in the form of a Mercedes emblem, lawyers and notaries usually flaunt Parkers - but a simple engineer who was tormented by a numerical solution to the Cauchy problem for a system of hard differential equations does not visually identified: either at work or at home.
Quote from Lurk:
Engineer (engineer, political correspondent. African developer) - intelligent by definition
a profession that gives its owner a broad outlook in almost all areas
science and not bringing a drop of income.
And here he is poor-looking, who finds peace in all kinds of CADs, manually collects LED lamps, watered his country house while sitting in a smart house, finds his totem - Messograf Caliper Pen:

So - the search begins for the coveted pen for the engineer - it turns out it is on sale,
but taking a look at the price tag of this pen on Amazon - the engineer’s eyes resemble those of a pooping dog and the cursor neatly closes the page with the lot.
Obviously the gloomy Chinese engineer decided to annoy the German engineers and realized
do something like that. So - what came of it?

The handle itself is made of aluminum alloy andweighs 25 grams - so in extreme cases, if the engineer is friends with electricity, he will be able to close at least two contacts with it. For engineers of other specialties are provided:
- a metric ruler with a marking of 7 cm,
- an inch ruler of 3 inches (probably for plumbers)
- a small bubble level (obvious to civil engineers, to measure their horizontal position after the completion of the facility).
These three “measuring” devices are located onthree faces out of six possible. The values ​​of the rulers themselves are made by silkscreen printing and most likely, over time, distance measurements will tend to infinity.

Knurling in the grip area is quite comfortable - even with wet fingers is quite comfortable
hold a pen for writing. Also, the presence of a handle implies that the engineer
at least one in your pocket or briefcaseelectronic gadget with a capacitive screen: the pen cap is a regular stylus, with the ability to wind it at the exit point of the writing unit, if you suddenly needed a screwdriver. The screwdriver is an ordinary bit with a “skirt” of elastic in the middle: the Philips part has the dimension Ph0 - which allows dirty hands to climb into the laptop’s belly, and the flat part has a width of 2.5 mm and a thickness of about 0.9 mm.
The writing unit is made in a rotary form factor: the length of the unit itself is 70 mm,
line thickness - 0.7 mm (visually), the letter is soft and pleasant.
A small amount of paste in the writing unit is not a drawback - the engineer basically only signs papers
go up a notch in your hierarchy and buy yourself a Messograf or Parker in
Otherwise, look for another job
Well, as usual in the pros:
- metal
- pretty decent look
- sound assembly (nothing creaks, staggers)
- an attempt to have additional useful features
- price
- resistance to rolling off the table
- absolute similarity to a pen
- price
- minimum vandal resistance
In the minuses:
- small writing unit
- instead of an air bubble it would be possible to establish a figure of a naked aunt
To summarize. I want to wish everyone to find a place of work that will give
realize your potential and where you will become a pro with a capital letter. Good luck.