VOTO screwdriver, 12v, Li-ion, 2 speeds.

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I have a colleague at work, he does not buy inChina stores money only in cash, a hard case, but not about that now. He bought a Status CT12Li screwdriver in a regular store for work for 2400r. And I was wondering what Chinese industry can offer in the case of the cheapest tool, because we buy there to save. Based on the characteristics of the above “status”, the criteria were as follows: 2 speeds, 12 volts, li-ion.

- Voltage - 12 V
- Battery type - 3 series-connected Li-Ion 18650
- Battery Model - LY1804-23F
- Battery capacity - 1300 mAh
- Type of chuck - self-locking hexagonal Bried
- Maximum diameter - 10 mm
- Chuck lock - missing
- Reducer - planetary, metal gears
- Rated torque: 28 Nm
- The number of stages of torque (ratchet) - 18 + 1
- Speed ​​selector - on-off, two speeds (550/1200 rpm)
- Speed ​​control - smooth, depending on the degree of trigger pull
- Reverse - yes
- Battery level indicator - yes
- Electric motor - RS55012V7521L
- Backlight - yes (LED)
- Screwdriver
- Charger DS-1350A 12.6 in / 1 A
- Euro plug adapter
- 1 double-sided bit
- Instruction
- Cardboard box
kit photo

The body is pleasant to the touch, good plastic withrubber inserts, it fits comfortably in the hand, but my hand is not small, if it were 4S, it would be very inconvenient for long work, in short on the verge of convenience.
in hand

I don’t think that anyone will be interested in knowing what a screwdriver is, how it works, etc., so we’ll start right away to disassemble and check.
The case is assembled on six torx t-10 self-tapping screws and two brackets on the side of the battery compartment.

everything is standard inside
Motor RS55012V7521L.
Button FA021A-51XX, according to Yandex, is suitable for MAKITA 6261D.

Revision 1. The reverse switch is very wadded, the finger already rests against the body, but it has not yet been snapped - uncomfortable. It is necessary to eliminate the backlash of the button in the case, I just pasted the squares of electrical tape on the protrusions of the case. The big shoulder also affects: the switch plays around the point of application of force (I don’t know how to explain it more clearly), I didn’t come up with this, but even so it became much better.

To further disassemble the gearbox, you need to removethe cartridge is unscrewed inside the screw with the left thread, it is more convenient to do this before disassembling the case. The part, which is located under the ring-regulator of the moment, has a double-thread, you need to remember how it stands, otherwise the numbers will be rotated 180 degrees.

After removing the spring with balls, disconnecting the motor and pulling out two pins, you can pour the gearbox. All gears are metal, with a sufficient amount of lubricant, but this ends the lubrication.

To pull the shaft out of the gear housing, the snap ring must be removed inside. In the photo, the shaft and bearing were not wiped from grease, they are there. After purchase, it is necessary to disassemble the grease.

Modification 2. The bearing simply has wild play, some sort of rejection or counterfeit. Replacement required.
61800-2RS, bought for 56r.

Also, the play was in the grooves of the housing where the gearbox is inserted. I wound two layers of electrical tape. As a result, the backlash became like that of the indicated “status”.

Now you can assemble in the reverse order without accidentally firing the speed selection button with a spring, so as not to look for it like me.
Because I would not be able to twist / unscrew a bunch of self-tapping screws, like other reviewers, I just gave my colleague a day so that he would compare the two screwdrivers according to the sensations. He twists more than a thousand self-tapping screws per shift, 4.5-6.5 mm long. As a result, he had two remarks: the backlash of the cartridge and the work is less by an hour than the status, and their capacity is the same. Therefore, the following point was born, which at first I was not going to do:
Battery Assembly LY1804-23F, complete chargerCharges in ~ 2 hours (the red LED changes to green). There is a temperature contact, which even shows something, which is not involved in any way. Inside the non-name elements with a control board, which I soldered and soldered the balancing connector to check imax b6ac. One can turned out to be worse than others and due to the voltage drop on it it is impossible to remove the entire capacity, therefore it worked an hour less. After some time, you will have to change all the batteries.
a bunch of pictures of the battery

Here is such an ambiguous screwdriver turned out. I will not talk about whether you need to buy this screwdriver, decide for yourself. I will use it for its intended purpose. Personally, I liked it, but only after improvements.
Well, if you wanted to buy it, then the “bonus” spoiler is especially for you.
On this review I consider completed, thank you for your attention.
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