Detachable wrist strap (lanyard)

I am sure that each reader is only oneI immediately learned what the belt was and what it was for. However, despite this, when writing a review, I ran into the difficulty of choosing a category. After all, this whip can be successfully used in tandem with a flashlight, a knife, a phone, a flash drive, and you never know what else. But we will not puzzle over taxonomy and bureaucracy, but we will go directly to the point.
So, delivery in a postal bag without a track; not fast, but you can wait.
OEM packaging.

Actually the lace itself is small, as required. The material from which it is made is pleasant, soft to the body and, if necessary, suitable for washing.

The lace is not folding; into parts (nominally) is not divided. In its entirety, it has a built-in clamp, which the truth does not fix; Well, only by friction.

Without taking into account this clamp, the length of the lace (without fanaticism) is about 26-27 cm.

Which, according to the most conservative estimates, allows you to wear it even on a massive wrist.

But in reality, it all looks like this: the flash drive has become more visible, while almost maintaining its compactness and mobility.

Details for weaving and fasteners

Now goodbye. Be good!